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IUIGA: Quality Home Products Sans The Hefty Price Markups

December 1, 2017

Everyone says, invest in quality. But why does quality come with such a heartbreakingly high price tag? And that’s the exact question that gave rise to IUIGA.

“Why pay so much for quality?”

Birthed from the belief that quality shouldn’t be a luxury, IUIGA brings homeowners life-improving products, designed to last. Sourcing their goods straight from the manufacturers behind highly successful lifestyle brands like Samsonite and MUJI, they cut out traditional brand premiums that can really take a toll on your wallet.

Transparent Pricing

IUIGA Quality Home Products

Taking it one step further and integral to their brand philosophy, you can check out a breakdown of each product’s manufacturing cost, traditional and IUIGA’s retail markup – and learn how much you’ll get to save!

Case in point: purchasing a bean bag for half the price, compared to normal retailers.

Modern & Functional Home Essentials

With an array of home furnishings, IUIGA promises a clean, minimalist aesthetic straight off the pages of Cereal Magazine.

Home & Living

IUIGA Quality Home Products
IUIGA Quality Home Products
IUIGA Quality Home Products

1. Storage Box 2. Pantone Bath Ensemble 7 Piece Accessories Set 3. Set of 7 Foldable Hanger 4. Glass Storage With Lid 5. Hair Dryer Organiser 6. Navy Home Slippers

Start shopping on IUIGA, an online direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand based in Singapore. You can experience a selection of IUIGA products at Qanvast, Suntec City Mall, Tower 2.

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