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Keep Your Family Safe with These Balcony Hacks

December 8, 2017

With Singapore’s ever-shrinking apartments, owning a flat with an additional balcony area is a major win of sorts many dream of having.

So, if you do have one – good for you! While no one would ever say no to having more room to play around, your balcony can unfortunately be a dangerous space for your kids (and elderly parents). Think barely-there balcony railings, slippery and hard floors that are a minefield for falls and accidents. Now, that doesn’t mean the balcony needs to be a no-go zone for your loved ones! Simply fill it in with these two features from TBG Marketing for some safety and style to your outdoor space.

1. Install Invisible Grilles

TBG Marketing Balcony Invisible Grille Vinyl Floor

That’s the whole point of having a balcony, isn’t it? A wide, unobstructed view of the surroundings, being able to feel the breeze and such… However, with mischievous children, the same open space is prone to a risk of falls, slip-throughs or tip-overs.

TBG Marketing Balcony Invisible Grille Vinyl Floor

But instead of covering up with bulky, obstructive grilles or windows that will seriously cramp your home’s view (and style), invisible grilles are the new go-tos! Made from thin, high quality stainless steel cables, these grilles give off a see-through appearance that allow it to camouflage into the background, maintaining a clear view. And despite their fragile look – they are surprisingly strong too – able to withstand heavy weights and pressure.

TBG Marketing Balcony Invisible Grille Vinyl Floor

TBG offers customization for its invisible grilles, ranging from the length, thickness down to the spacing of each cable. Hate those chunky aluminium window grilles? TBG's invisible grilles can also be custom made and installed on casement and sliding windows.

2. Deck Your Floors With Vinyl Flooring

Tiled floors and resort-style wood decking (which TBG also offers!) that mimic a rustic, outdoor space are popular options for wet areas like balconies. However, the hard, brittle surfaces of such flooring might prove to be a painful and slippery lesson for both the young (and old) ones.

TBG Marketing Balcony Invisible Grille Vinyl Floor

TBG's resilient vinyl flooring is on display at the Qanvast Experience Center.

Consider vinyl flooring instead to reduce the impact of hard knocks and damages from happening. Water resistant and highly durable, the pulp makeup of vinyl flooring gives it a slight, padded feel that may help absorb some of the shock in case of a fall. In addition, TBGs’ high-quality vinyl flooring is completely formaldehyde-free, so no worries there of toxic fumes or substances contaminating your home (or your child’s tongues).

TBG Marketing Balcony Invisible Grille Vinyl Floor

With a wide range of colours to suit any design or style, TBGs’ vinyl selection is made from top quality virgin pulp, and comes available in large pieces (1220mm (L) x 222mm (W) x 5mm (T)) for a seamless look with less joint lines.


The right planning and design is all it takes to create a safe, secure home for your loved ones to thrive in. Keeping the needs of local homeowners in mind, TBG Marketing is a leading supplier of quality laminate, vinyl flooring, wood decking and invisible grilles. Offering customization services and installation, learn more or enquire about TBG Marketing’s outdoor solutions at its online site here.

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