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Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

March 4, 2016
Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

(Image by Posh Home)

It’s easy to fall back into your housekeeping routines and habits once the 15 days of Chinese New Year are over. If you are some who has difficulties in upkeeping an organised home all year round, follow these tips below and watch your home stay clutter free… forever!

1. A Little A Day Goes A Long Way

Start your home organisation journey with just 10 minutes daily. Set a simple goal – for example, to have a clean and empty desk at the end of each day. So before you sleep, take 10 minutes to read your letters, file your papers, and get those clothes off the chair. It’s always nice to wake up to a pleasant sight rather than a pile of random items.

Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

(Image by Dan's Workshop)

2. Return Things To Where They Belong

“Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong,” says Marie Kondo, Professional Organiser and renowned author of The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. We may create excuses for not returning the scissors to the stationery box or leaving the dry dishes on the kitchen rack – but these just add to the mess. Procrastinate on returning items back to where they belong reinforces a bad habit and makes it harder to achieve that clean and neat home!

Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

(Image by Fineline Design)

3. Think About What Goes Into Your Shopping Cart

Do you really need this top? Or is it because it’s on sale? Sale bargains create a “buy first, think later” trap - when the item would have been something we’d never wear out. And perhaps later during a decluttering session, you might be unwilling to throw it away because you’ve never worn it! It’s a vicious cycle; so really, just buy what you need.

Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

(Image by Aart Boxx Interior)

4. Learn To Say “No”

As Singaporeans, we are often guilty of accumulating freebies. But how many times do we actually need that free item? Goodie bags are usually full of these vouchers and random gifts that take up our sacred space in our small HDB unit. Hard as it is to resist, learning to say ‘No’ also means you have one less item to organise!

Upkeeping a house may prove to be challenging, especially in the face of temptation. But really, it is the little thoughts and actions that contribute to an organised home. There is really no right time to begin, but the sooner you start organising, the earlier you get to reap the joy and benefit of a clutter-free home!

Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

(Image by Spaces Living Concept)

Start your homekeeping habits on the right note with the right type of storage for your home. Here are some of our favourite picks from the Qanvast app:

Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

Commune Sideboards; Bruno (top left) and Crimson (bottom right)

Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

Kuhl Home; Whatnot Shelf

Keeping Your Home Organised…Forever!

Danish Design; String System

For a more pleasant-looking home, gather more home interior and furnishing ideas or pick up a tip on two on the Qanvast app. Download the free app today from the App Store and Google Play.

This article was done in collaboration with Invisible Spaces.

About Invisible Spaces

Invisible Spaces is a student-led social campaign that brings awareness to the real (yet seemingly harmless) issue of clutter in Singaporean homes. Find out more about their cause at or

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