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Kitchen Island Struggles? 8 Ways To Fit One Into A Tiny HDB

February 26, 2019

Thanks to the boom in open kitchen concepts, the kitchen island is pretty much the hottest commodity at the moment and it’s no surprise why. Often used as a preparation counter or a dining area, these peninsulas also double up as storage units – handy for cooking and hosting enthusiasts.

But working in a kitchen island is not always an easy task, especially if there’s little to no breathing room in your home. Inspire your next kitchen makeover with these nifty yet compact takes on an otherwise sizeable fitting.

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: KDOT

1. Extensions all the way (and no, we aren’t talking about hair)

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: ARK-hitecture

You’ve heard of the extendable dining table. Now meet its super practical twin sister – the extendable kitchen island. Slim and sleek, it’s easy to install within the depths of your kitchen counter. Simply pull out or keep it closed as needed.

2. The utilitarian approach

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: Jubilee Interior

Explore lightweight or trolley cart-like options. Small and portable, stash or wheel them out to use the full kitchen floor. Plus, these substitutes usually come readymade with storage zones.

3. Choose the hollow fellow

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: Urban Habitat Design

Before you dismiss this idea completely, hear us out. Hollowing out your kitchen island seems to be a little counterintuitive at first glance. All that storage space, gone? Wrong! Use the newly created recess to park your mobile furnishings like your dining chairs.

4. Raise the bar

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: Posh Living Interior Design

Your peninsula doesn’t need to be smack in the centre of your kitchen. For a less cumbersome option: have it placed perpendicular to other counters and take cues from bar seating, trim it down and raise it up.

Additional perks of having a kitchen island that’s at a working-height? You can totally do away with seats. Hooray for free-standing!

5. Ubiquitous multipurpose

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: The Design Practice

Sometimes more is better, as in the case of this ultra-cool hybrid kitchen island. Best thing about the multipurpose peninsula? You can totally customise the features to complement your lifestyle.

6. Going vertical

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: Authors • Interior & Styling

There’s no real rulebook to arranging a kitchen island, it’s all up to your preferences. Why not try switching over to a vertical placement?

8. Square off

small kitchen island for HDBs

Interior Firm: The Orange Cube

Give the square peninsula a whirl. A kitchen island is still a kitchen island, no matter the shape.

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