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Let tado Smart AC Control Reduce Your Energy Bills

December 11, 2015
Let tado Smart AC Control Reduce Your Energy Bills

Did you know that using the air-conditioner frequently can be taxing on your monthly electricity bills? We all know that it is difficult and practically impossible to do without an air-conditioner these days in Singapore’s humid, hot weather so we aren’t going to advise that. Instead, there is a smarter solution to shave those precious dollars off your monthly electricity bill and do your bit for the environment as well – when you have a smart aircon control.

Let tado Smart AC Control Reduce Your Energy Bills

Meet the new smart AC Control. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this sleek gadget lets you control the settings anywhere – which means you can pre-cool a room remotely to ensure you step into a cool house when you reach home.

The tado’s wireless (wifi) ability also allows you to cut down on energy by gathering data from cloud based online weather sources, and cross referencing them with in-built sensors to create your desired room temperature. Save energy, save costs, and save the earth.

Let tado Smart AC Control Reduce Your Energy Bills

The tado smart AC Control is easy to install. Just plug it in to a power outlet and download a mobile app and let the app guide you through the installation process. No screws, no wires, and no expertise needed. Plus, the gadget is compatible with the various air-conditioner brands (e.g. General Electric, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, etc), and it works with IFTTT as well. Whether you are an Android or an iPhone user, you can control the settings with ease.

Let tado Smart AC Control Reduce Your Energy Bills

Let the new tado smart AC Control saves you money. Exclusively distributed by Aerahaus Singapore for S$319, the item comes with a local two-year warranty, and an adaptor for local voltage uses when purchased through Aerahaus Singapore only. Best part is, you can receive the item as soon as 3 working days after your purchase via tracked delivery, and you get onsite customer support when requested.

For Qanvast homeowners, we are giving away 3 sets of the energy-saving AC Control units on 12 December 2015. Stay tuned for the promotion event on the Qanvast app and Facebook!

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