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Most Singapore Homes Have These 8 Features – Does Yours?

July 31, 2018

At first glance, it’s hard to pinpoint what goes into creating the look of the typical Singapore home. Sure, there are a couple of cookie-cutter layouts that HDB follows, but even those differ from neighbourhood to neighbourhood – and that’s not even counting the myriad of décor styles that today's homes are inspired by.

However, look hard enough and you’ll find some common threads (read: everyday design features) that tie Singapore homes together. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. L-shaped Wardrobes

design features common Singapore home
design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: Free Space Intent

Although freestanding storage options are always welcome for their portability and aesthetic appeal, you’ll find that L-shaped wardrobes (or just about any form of fitted cabinetry) are often a better fit for small homes, and even smaller rooms.

Plus, you get to kill two birds with one stone with them: keep your home neat and make use of tricky corners – it’s no wonder then that these fixtures are an everyday sight.

2. Brick

design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: Space Atelier

Quite literally the building block of every home, brick needs no introduction as a material. However, if you want these rectangular blocks of clay to last long, it’s important for them to be properly sealed and cared for (just like cement screed floors).

On a related note, most of the ‘brick’ walls that you see in Singapore homes aren’t the real deal, but are actually veneers, tiles, or even wallpaper, because of their ease-of-maintenance. Still good for that rustic, cosy feel though.

3. Mirrors

design features common Singapore home
design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: HIFA Design Studio

What’s shiny, sleek, and capable of ‘opening’ up a room? No prizes for guessing, but it’s these qualities that make mirrors a popular design feature in Singapore homes.

Plus, they make for surprisingly flexible décor options. Hang them up in a compact bathroom as a functional fixture; or outfit your living room with these reflective add-ons for an overall brighter look.

4. Folding Doors

design features common Singapore home
design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: Hall Interiors

Collapsible, partition, folding, or whatever you wish to call them, these doors are fast-becoming a common sight in Singapore homes.

Like fitted cabinetry, the benefits of having them are two-fold: On one hand, you get privacy whenever you need it; and on the other, you get a wider entryway. Having an unimpeded line of sight between rooms is a plus too!

5. Track Lights

design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: Aart Box Interior

Have you ever found yourself wishing that some areas of your home were better lit?

If you do, possible solutions to this problem would be installing extra recessed lighting, getting a standing/table lamp; or better yet, maximising your overhead real estate with a row of flexible track lights that you can adjust to shine anywhere you please.

6. The Colour White

design features common Singapore home
design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: Goodman Interior

Some call it the ‘crisp canvas’ to bright accent hues, and they aren’t wrong. It’s precisely for this reason that white is a mainstay in Singapore homes, and fittingly, the best choice to go with a perky shade of millennial pink, calming pastel blue, or just about any trending colour.

7. Wooden Surfaces

design features common Singapore home
design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: Ascenders Design Studio

Like fries to burgers (yes, we know, it’s not the best analogy), white and wood are two design elements that are commonly found together in Singapore homes.

That said, the latter is capable of holding its own as the ‘main course’ due to its versatility and the wide variety of home materials – from vinyl floor tiles to laminate sheets – that mimic its au naturel look and texture.

8. Accent Walls

design features common Singapore home

Interior Firm: Story of Us

Traditionally, accent walls (or feature walls, if you prefer) are used to draw attention to a specific part of a room, but these design features have taken on a new identity lately: as stylish backdrops for TV screens.

While this may seem sad, it’s also important to note that these decorative structures are receiving more attention than ever. If recent trends are any indication, expect more elaborate accent walls that incorporate useful storage functions and avant-garde materials in the future.

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