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Moving-In Checklist: 32 Home Essentials Every House Needs

The rollercoaster ride (also known as your renovation)? Done and dusted. Your furniture and appliances? Picked, delivered and arranged to perfection. Looks like everything is all set for you to settle in – or are you forgetting something?

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That's right. Beyond the big stuff, no home is really complete (or even functional) without a couple of essential household tools and objects to aid us day to day! As such, it always pays to think ahead - before you move in, be sure to tick off this comprehensive (we think) checklist of home essentials to get your home up and running in no time.

For the Living Room

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1. Xiaomi Gen 2 Air Purifier: We may be a Garden City, but Singapore’s no stranger to urban smog (and the occasional haze). Easily controlled via smartphone, homeowners have raved about Xiaomi Gen 2 Air Purifier’s silent and powerful filtering action, which gets rid of dust and odours effectively.

S$169.80 on Lazada.

2. Naim Mu-So Wireless Music System: Sought by audiophiles for its clear and well-separated sound, the Naim Mu-so Wireless Music System is a high-quality amplifier that delivers at a reasonable price point. Best part? The compact piece can wirelessly stream tunes via Bluetooth, Spotify, Tidal and more, so there’s no need for messy cables or old-school CDs.

Price available on request, from Absolute Sound.

3. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation): New to the smart home bandwagon? The Amazon Echo is the perfect smart assistant to help you ease into things. Everything from playing music, helping you schedule meetings and ordering groceries can be done with just a simple voice command.

S$109 on Lazada.

For the Kitchen:

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1. Get It Right Premium Silicone Round Lids: Say goodbye to drawers upon drawers of plastic food containers - this innovative silicone suction lid turns any bowl into an airtight storage container. Besides keeping foods conveniently fresh, the easy-to-clean lid is also able to withstand temperatures of up to 287 C, and can be used in the microwave or steamer for safely reheating food.

From US$8.38 on Amazon.

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2. JosephJoseph Nest Mixing Bowls (9 Pc): Its rainbow hue may be a sight for sore eyes, but this smartly-designed, stackable 9-pc bowl set by JosephJoseph is anything but impractical. Within it is a complete collection of kitchen tools – including measuring cups, a salad bowl, sifter, vegetable colander and egg yolk separator – that can be easily stowed away without taking much space.

S$70.70 on Lazada.

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3. 3M Scotch Titanium Kitchen Scissors: Whether it’s cutting foods, plastic wrappers or anything in between, 3M Scotch’s Titanium Kitchen Scissors does its job well and goes the distance. Four times stronger than stainless steel, its titanium finish maintains its sharpness despite frequent use, repels oils, is rust resistant and can be detached for easy cleaning.

S$22.90 on Lazada.

4. Kuhn Rikon Auto-Safety Master Opener: Cans, jars, tins and bottles have got nothing on this ultimate kitchen tool! The top half of the Master Opener is a child-friendly can opener that cuts, opens and lifts lids (without the need for users to touch the can), while the bottom half works as a multipurpose bottle cap and can tab opener.

S$68.09 from Lazada.

5. Tefal Emotion Stainless Steel Saucepan (16 cm): No kitchen’s complete without some basic cookware, and this 16cm stainless steel saucepan from Tefal is roomy and sturdy enough to handle your soups, pastas (and late-night instant noodle snacks).

S$38.89 on Lazada

6. Tefal Purechef Deep Wok Pan with Lid (30 cm): Likewise, when it comes to stir-frying or general sautéing, this non-stick titanium deep wok pan lives up to its promise, with its easy-clean coated surface and surprisingly deep, lightweight body.

S$69.90 on Lazada.

For the Dining Room:

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1. Govino Shatterproof Wine Glass: Wine glasses are fancy and all, but not really the most practical choice for walking around and getting tipsy in. Eliminate that safety hazard by getting these shatter-proof glasses which look and work as good as the real thing.

US$17.95 on Amazon.

2. IKEA DINERA Serveware Set (18 Piece): Set in a simple yet timeless design, this affordable 18-pc serve ware set from IKEA suits any table setting, making it the perfect complement for everyday dining.

S$29.90 from IKEA

3. WMF Philadelphia Cutlery Set (24 Piece): For something you’d probably use every day, it’s best to get a durable, quality piece that will last through the years. Made from 18/10 stainless steel, WMF’s Philadelphia Cutlery Set ticks all the right boxes, with a universal design that’s great for casual and formal settings.

S$99 on Lazada.

4. Ember Temperature Control Mug: From hot soups, chocolate to tea or coffee, scorching hot or lukewarm drinks are a thing of the past with this smart temperature control mug that lets you remotely adjust and maintain your drink temperatures at the ideal heat – via smartphone.

US$79.95 from Amazon.

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5. Philips On-Tap Water Purifier: Our tap water is drinkable, but definitely not the cleanest. This fuss-free water filter tap add-on by Philips can be easily installed onto most kitchen taps, providing clear drinking and cooking water that’s free from chlorine, sediments and other stray particles.

S$89.90 on Lazada.

For the Service Yard:

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1. Philips Easyspeed Steam Iron: With so many clothing irons on the market, which is truly worth the buy? For a moderately priced powerful pick, we think it could just be the Philips Easyspeed Steam Iron. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users loving its quick ironing time and weight – making it great for getting rid of stubborn creases.

S$58.90 from Lazada.

2. UMD Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Drying Rack: We know – not the most glamorous thing to show off at home. Still, if you have a variety of stuff to dry (clothes, shoes, soft toys), this foldable drying rack has poles and stands to hold them all. Sturdy yet lightweight, its carbon steel body can be easily collapsed into a slim package and kept away.

S$56.90 from Lazada.

3. Biocera Laundry Balls: Here’s a smart way to reduce your household expenses. Instead of spending tons on laundry detergent and softeners, get these Jasmine-scented laundry balls which cleanse and soften clothes when dropped into your washer, and can be reused multiple times.

S$39.95 from Qoo10

4. Sol-Home Non-Slip Velvet Clothes Hanger: It’s time to hang up (get it?) the usual plastic or wired hangers, and switch to these luxe yet ultra-practical non-slip velvet ones that’ll keep your slinky silk pieces or thin-strapped camisoles up in your wardrobe.

S$11 from Lazada.

For the Bathroom:

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1. Chakir Turkish Linens Cotton Bath Towels: Over 3,000 reviews can’t lie – this Turkish cotton bath towel set is a top-seller on Amazon, and for good reason. Thick, absorbent and fluffy are just some of the words constantly used to describe the luxurious towels. But best of all is definitely it’s pocket-friendly price – US$34.90 for a set of 4.

US$34.90 from Amazon.

2. Umbra Vana Jewellery Organiser: Mirror, mirror on the wall, which vanity mirror is the fairest of them all? This minimalist, multi-purpose jewelry organizer, perhaps? With rounded edges, non-slip dishes and convenient poles for hanging long necklaces, it even comes with a double-sided vanity mirror that provides 1 and 10x magnification.

US$39.98 from Amazon.

3. Umbra Bask Shower Caddy: Store your shampoos and soaps within easy reach in the shower with this hanging showerhead caddy that provides up to 3 baskets’ worth of storage – enough for even the most hardcore toiletry junkies.

US$15.98 from Amazon.

For the Bedroom:

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1. BedShelfie Bedside Table: Awesome for small spaces, the Bed Shelfie is just as its name suggests – a shelf propped on a bed frame! No more clunky end-tables; able to hold up to 6.8kg with enough space to place a laptop (or a cup of coffee), keeping stuff within reach from the comforts of your bed just got easier.

US$29.99 from Amazon.

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2. Snugglepedic Memory Foam Pillow: Finding the perfect pillow to can feel like searching needles in haystacks. Thankfully, we think we might have hit the jackpot with the Snugglepedic Pillow! Made from shredded bamboo memory foam, the hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant pillow provides just the right thickness, fluffiness and coolness. Maybe that’s why almost 80% of reviewers gave it a full 5 stars on Amazon.

US$69.99 from Amazon.

3. Gravity Weighted Blanket : Who knew pressure could make you sleep better? Designed to be 10% of your body weight, the Gravity blanket is a weighted blanket engineered to simulate the feeling of being hugged – which is medically proven to reduce stress levels and promote deeper sleep.

US$249 from Gravity

4. Hommage Lifestyle Terrace Hanger: We’ve all got our designated ‘clothing’ chair - that unused seat in the corner that’s completely been overwhelmed by mountains of tops, bags and what-nots. It’s time to get back what’s rightfully yours – with a stylish pole rack to relegate your threads to.

S$280.34 from Hommage Lifestyle

For the Study:

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1. Baseus Cable Clip Organiser: Masses of cords, cables and wires criss-crossing your study area? Not a good look. Keep them in check with this cable clip, which can be mounted on any surface and allows you to hook up to 3 different cables for an uncluttered look.

S$4.28 from Lazada.

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2. 8L Stainless Steel Pedal Bin: And just because it’s a trash bin doesn’t mean it has to look trashy. This roomy, 8L stainless steel pedal bin comes in a variety of paddle pop colours (besides this classic chrome silver finish) for a hint of gloss and shine in your study.

S$29.90 on Lazada.

3. Vitra Toolbox Stationery Organiser: What’s a study without the tools of your trade? Whether you’re into collecting Copic pens, a washi-tape fanatic or a no-nonsense pen-and-pencil person, keep your stationery organized in this portable carryall. Shaped like a toolbox, it even comes with handles that allow you to tote your instruments around.

Price available on request, from Grafunkt.

For All Around the House

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1. Sugru Mouldable Glue: Whether its fixing broken wires, creating hooks, fixing leaky holes or making smartphone mounts, Sugru is an all-round household troubleshooter that can be used for anything under the sun. Its moldable, dough-like texture can be stuck onto most surfaces, and shaped for whatever purpose in 30 minutes. After which, it sets and turns into a strong, unbreakable silicone rubber piece in 24 hours. Cool or what?

US$22 from Amazon.

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2. Boomjoy P4 Spray Mop: Get just the right amount of ‘wet’ for your floors with this spray mop that dispenses mists of water as you move around. Fitted with a reusable microfiber cloth and 360-degree swivel that’s great for one-handed mopping, you can now do the dreaded chore and watch your favourite dramas on the go.

S$29.90 from Lazada.

3. Igloohome Deadbolt 2 Smart Lock: With multiple modes of access and better security features, it’s high time your old-school keys got an upgrade. Igloohome’s Deadbolt 2 smart lock comes with all the bells and whistles, without the pricey cost. Unlock doors via Bluetooth, touchpad or its smartphone app, grant access PINs to guests and track access logs – all in a sleek, compact body.

S$399 from Qanvast.

4. Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Unlike old school brooms or traditional handheld vacuums, robot vacuums take the chores out of your hands (literally). And for its pocket-friendly price, the Mi Robot Vacuum is a worthwhile piece that does its job well. Users love its easy set-up, relatively long battery life (enough to clean an entire 4-room HDB flat without recharging) and decent suction power.

S$344.90 from Lazada.

Hey there - just so you know, all products listed in this article are independently curated by us. By clicking and purchasing from the Amazon, Lazada and Qoo10 links, you will help to support our research and work by allowing us to earn a share of sales - here's a big thank you in advance! Do note that prices listed are accurate as of the time of writing.

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