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Nail the High-End Look (Affordably!) With Metallic Laminates

Your go-to laminates to introduce a dash of glamour into your interiors.

Decorating with metallics may be intimidating, but the Midas touch can make a space look and feel instantly more glamorous when done right. What’s more, this timeless design staple goes well with just about any interior decorating style, from modern to contemporary and industrial.

These DecoMetal laminates from Formica come in a unique array of colours, patterns and textures to complement your decor. Not only is it more durable and easier to maintain, it’s also a more inexpensive option compared to real metal surfaces.

metallic laminates singapore
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Source: Formica

Here are some unexpected ways to make your home look luxe for less!

1. Spruce up your wall

metallic laminates singapore
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Swatch: D6485 Craft Umbra

For an unexpected take on the quintessential feature wall, go for a half-wall effect to give your room an on-trend graphic edge. It’s a neat trick to update old, worn-out walls that are showing their age – and it’s more affordable than a full-wall application too! This geometric laminate has a contemporary feel with its unique colourway and blends in perfectly with the understated palette, which creates a sleek and sophisticated look.

2. Clad the body of your island

metallic laminates singapore
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Swatch: D8280 Diamond Antique Copper

Not one to go for gold? Let your kitchen island take centre stage with some pattern play. This diamond-shaped layout sports a matte shade of copper and a rusted finishing, which creates a subtle point of interest without overwhelming the space. Plus, copper is a great material that provides a bit of warmth in a typically cold and stark kitchen.

3. Lay it over the cabinets

metallic laminates singapore
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Swatch: D2026 Copper Stratos

Laminates are a popular choice for kitchen counters, and for good reason. This hardworking surface material is inexpensive and maintenance is a breeze – a simple wipedown with soap and water will get the job done. However, bear in mind that it might not be as sturdy for those who do heavy-duty cooking on the countertops. If you’re in doubt, consider a vertical application instead!

Functionality aside, the good looks are an added bonus. And this one is undeniably unique. It’s colourful and looks almost wood-like.

4. Go back to basics with a steel look

metallic laminates singapore
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Swatch: D2178 Brushed Stainless Steel

If you love the industrial look, stainless steel laminate is your best bet. Although not for the faint-hearted, stainless steel cabinetry can look stunning when done to a stylish effect. To prevent your home from looking like a hall of mirrors, opt for a brushed finish to give it that modern edge without going too OTT. Likewise, you can also team with darker brushed accents to create a more interesting contrast.

5. Hide it as a chalkboard

metallic laminates singapore
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Swatch: D8205 Black Magnetic Chalkboard

A chalkboard wall is a brilliant way to utilise a spare wall while adding a personal touch to your space. If a paint job is too much of a hassle for you, this chalkboard laminate will do the trick. The result is a smooth and even canvas for all your artistic endeavours. What’s even cooler is that it’s magnetic, which means you can use it to hang photographs, documents, magnets and just about everything else.

You can also create your very own magnetic memo board by integrating it with existing surfaces such as cabinets and doors. Now you’ve got yourself a handy little space to jot down your grocery list, pin up notes for the family, and organise those coupons without taking up precious countertop space.

6. Work them into niches

metallic laminates singapore
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Swatch: D2052 Brushed Copper Aluminium

Incorporating high-shine metals will definitely draw the eye in. Covering your entire display in metallics, however, might prove to be overkill. We recommend working them into niches for just the right amount of shimmer.

7. Switch up your headboard

metallic laminates singapore
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Swatch: D8105 Aluminium Brushed Black

Having a headboard can really turn your bed into a head-turning focal point. Swap out your traditional headboard for this metallic selection, which brings texture and dimension to the room. Unlike the usual glossy finishes, it has a low-sheen carved design that lends a cosy, lived-in vibe.

Add some wooden accents and soft furnishings to the mix, and you’ll have a boudoir that’s truly restful and welcoming.

The possibilities are endless with Formica’s DecoMetal Laminate Collection!

Durable, functional and ultra-chic to boot, Formica combines the versatility of laminates with the beauty of real metal surfaces. With a variety of colours, textures and finishes to choose from, the DecoMetal laminates are perfect for every corner of your interior – from bar counters to feature walls and even ceiling installations. Visit to find out more!

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