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Nail The Look: That Monochromatic Instagram Style

January 23, 2018

Ever admired a gorgeous home and wondered, ‘how can I get that?’. That’s where our new column ‘Snag that Style’ comes in. Every month, we dissect your favourite interior themes and projects, down to the materials, colours and furniture used – to bring you one step closer to achieving the style you love.

Trends come and go, but one interior theme we won’t see going away anytime soon? This.

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Interior Designer: UNO Interior

And it’s not just us. There’s something about the mono-contemporary look that seems to appeal to everyone - especially on Instagram. Case in point? 8 out of our 9 top ‘liked’ projects have this style in common. Well, there must be something about it that has got homeowners flocking to it in droves.

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio

Maybe it’s the dramatic vibe it exudes. Or that timeless simplicity that never looks tacky. But whatever your reasons for loving this look - we’re here to help make it happen! From key décor features, materials, colours to the furniture used, here’s everything you need to know about nailing the mono-contemporary look for your home.

What’s Mono-Contemporary?

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

In essence, think bold dark hues matched with light neutrals - set in clean, linear shapes for a simple, uncluttered look. And no, it doesn’t always have to be exclusively black-and-white.

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Interior Designer: Habit

Here are other key décor features to note:

  • Clean linear or rounded built-ins (like today’s contemporary spaces)
  • Simple furnishings with minimal detailing
  • Matte black surfaces are all the rage – but glossy finishes are still on-trend
  • Eye-catching finishes – like marble, cement screed, exposed bricks or patterned tiles.
  • A hint of gloss & shine – glass and metallic hardware
  • Navy or other deep hues to substitute black.

Colours to Try:

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Light: Wonderland White, Touch of grey, Cielo Blanco

Dark: Black, Indigo Nights, Mysterious Grey

(All from Delux paint)

While most of us tend to associate ‘monochrome’ with black and white hues, there’s always a little room for mixing things up! Today’s mono-themed homes lean towards using light and dark alternatives. For instance, you can replace whites with creams, taupe or light greys. Meanwhile, darker shades can be in the form of dark moss greens, or the popular pick – navy.

Materials to Use:

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Material Palette: Admira Laminate - CMB 398M (White) , Hafary - Equipe Ceramicas Urban Silver, Hafary - Statuario Marble, Admira Laminate - CMB 202T (Black) , Soon Bee Huat – Oxford Negro Matt Finish, R9, Soon Bee Huat - Cuadrado Caribe

Likewise, it’s all about keeping things simple and natural when it comes to choosing materials for fitting out your space.

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Interior Designer: Dan's Workshop

Solid colours (whether in matte or gloss) are always stylish, but if you’re looking for something more warm – wooden finishes work too! Lastly, pair those with geometric tiles, marbled surfaces, exposed brick or cement elements for a graphic punch to switch things up.

Furniture and Accessories to Buy:

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Furniture Picks: Long Pendant Lamp, Menu Darkly Large Mirror, Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Aalto Vase Clear, DLM Side Table, Cube Sofa,
Square Root Sofa, Duplex Teak Coffee Table

No fancy-schmancy detailings or bright hues here. Especially for the larger pieces like your sofas, tables or bed frames, stick to clean, classic shapes that are in-line with your built-ins. However, play it up with accessories! It all depends on what mood you’d like to achieve. Want something cosy and luxe? Pair it up with some sheepskin rugs or pillows, and pick furniture pieces or hardware with hints of gold.

Nail The Look Monochrome Instagram Contemporary

Interior Designer: IN EXPAT

Something more quirky? Little pops of colour work too – in the form of artworks or pottery. The key is moderation. Try not to overwhelm the space with too much visual stuff – the simplicity of your home should still shine through.

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