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No More Ugly: These TVs Can Blend In With Walls (And More)

Most people don’t seem to realise how much a switched-off TV looks like a black hole on their home’s feature wall, but it’s one of those things that stays as a persistent niggle at the back of your mind once you take notice of it.

Fortunately, Samsung’s latest QLED TV models (the Q6F, Q7F, Q8C, and Q9F) come ready to tackle this problem with a new feature. The Magic Screen^ allows users to personalise their living spaces by displaying photographs, playing music, or even providing useful information such as weather conditions.

Samsung QLED TV 2018
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But that’s not the only trick up their sleeves. Designed with total immersion in mind, these sleek screens simply aren’t your typical goggle boxes. Here’s why:

1. Say goodbye to unsightly messes

If you have read up to this point, you’ll know that we aren’t referring to literal black holes here, but large black screens may as well be one, simply because of how they ‘suck’ the life out of an otherwise beautiful feature wall.

Samsung QLED TV 2018
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In the case of Samsung’s QLED TVs, this isn’t an issue not just because of the Magic Screen, but also the No Gap Wall Mount^ – a support fixture that further enhances the seamlessness of these virtually bezel-less screens by allowing them to be placed flushed against a wall.

"If you are not watching a TV, you won’t see a TV" – Samsung

But what about the ugly tangle of data cords? Wouldn’t they ruin the sleek, boundless aesthetic of these TVs? If the One Invisible Connection 2.0^ is any indication, Samsung is determined not to leave this issue hanging.

Much like its predecessor, which was launched together with Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs, the One Invisible Connection 2.0 keeps things tidy with a single, translucent data cable that is barely visible even against an empty wall. But this time round, it has been upgraded to include the TV power cable as well, and that means one less source of clutter for homeowners to worry about.

2. These TVs are easy to use and set up

Style isn’t the only thing that Samsung has gotten all figured out. Convenience is another cornerstone of design that it has improved in its 2018 QLED TVs as evidenced by the One Remote Control^.

Samsung QLED TV 2018
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Working in conjunction with the One Connect Box, the One Remote Control puts power directly into the hands of homeowners, allowing them to easily manage and connect multiple media devices through a single handheld remote.

Making an already painless set-up even simpler are two additional features that users can choose from: The Auto Device Detection^ function which allows QLED TVs to recognise and label connected devices like set-top boxes, soundbars and game consoles OR the SmartThings mobile app that enables device set-up through a simple 5-step process via a user’s Samsung account.

3. Get unparalleled viewing quality

Ever wondered why the images on a Samsung QLED TVs look so good? That’s because of the brand’s unique Quantum Dot technology – nano-sized, colour-emitting particles that are built into every QLED screen.

Samsung QLED TV 2018
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These Quantum Dots allow Samsung TVs to replicate colours with greater accuracy, enabling them to reach higher peak brightness levels that scale to a QLED TV’s size and model.

The tried-and-tested technology sees further improvement with the assistance of Direct Full Array Backlighting in 2018 QLED TVs, such as the Q9F, which reduces blooming (the halo-like effect you get when part of a screen is noticeably brighter) while delivering deeper blacks and purer whites.

Samsung QLED TV 2018
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For all those homeowners with a love of light-filled spaces and daytime TV out there, you no longer need to draw the curtains whenever you embark on a Netflix binge-watching session.

If you have a Q9F (the hero model for 2018), a Q7F and/or a Q8C from this year’s series, it comes with Ultra Black^: a high-tech anti-reflection technology that works alongside HDR Elite (powered by HDR 10+^) to ensure you will notice even the tiniest of details.

But buyer beware, with a TV this good, you won’t be switching it off anytime soon!

TVs that deliver and delight

Samsung QLED TV 2018
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Whether you are all about living the minimalist lifestyle or a cool techie, Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs (Q6F, Q7F, Q8C, and Q9F) will impress you with its wide range of features:

The 'Magic Screen' that allows your TV to ‘camouflage’; the One Invisible Connection 2.0 that offers clutter-free connectivity; and of course, the ground-breaking Quantum dot technology, which gives QLED TVs their incomparable picture quality.

Prices for Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs start from $3,599 and are available at any major consumer electronics retail store.

^Feature-specific detailed disclaimers as follows:
1. Magic Screen: Background setting may vary depending on where the TV is installed including, but not limited to, wall designs, patterns and/or colours.
2. No Gap Wall-mount: Measured from rear end of the TV, gap may differ based on installation and wall type. separately at S$249 for 55” and 65”, and S$299 for 75” TVs. (Unavailable for Q6F)
3. One Invisible Connection 2.0: Refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to One Connect Box including the TV power integrating external device cables, but not cables connected to other devices (Unavailable for Q6F).
4. One Remote Control: Subject to device compatibility. Remote design varies by model.
5. Auto Device Detection: Subject to device compatibility
6. HDR 10+: Certification varies by model and only available for HDR10+ content.
7. Ultra Black is not available for Q6F
More details available here.

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