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No More Water Woes with GROHE’s Innovative Bath Fixtures

They say taking a bath is a great way wash off the grime and stresses off your shoulders. But from fluctuating water supplies to potential safety issues, the bathroom is often the source of our household worries!

Yet, all it takes to fix it is a little technology – and smart design! Here, we discover how GROHE’s bath fittings can help fix 3 water issues homes often face in Singapore. Finally, you’ll have nothing to worry about except to sit back, relax and de-stress. Whew…

Issue 1: Unreliable Hot Water Supply

Everyone loves a good, warm shower; but the reality of high-rise HDBs or condos is that your hot water supply can fluctuate, due to changing water pressure and multiple water outlets running concurrently. The result? Showers that suddenly run scalding hot then freezing cold, strong then weak in seconds. Not a great experience for sure.

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To counter this, GROHE’s thermostatic mixers are built in with TurboStat Technology, which automatically adjusts the mixture of hot and cold water to maintain the temperature of your choice. This technology also enables homeowners to tweak their water temperature instantly and accurately, minimising water wastage.

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The Euphoria XXL System 310 displayed at the Qanvast Experience Center is equipped with TurboStat.

Issue 2: Safety for the Young (And Old) Ones

Another major concern? Safety – especially when living with kids or aged parents. And while we are on the topic of hot water, there’s that too – the risk of getting scalded by boiling water temperatures.

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Call it a slip of the fingers or itchy hands, it pays to come prepared. Thankfully, GROHE’s thermostatic mixers also come with SafeStop, a button that requires a user to press in order to turn water temperatures up to more than 38 degrees Celsius. This helps to counter any unforeseen temperature rises, effectively reducing the chances of hot water accidents happening.

Issue 3: Matching the Right Fixtures and Accessories

It’s one thing to get the right bathroom hardware and accessories for your needs; but another to match it with the right ceramic fixtures! Just look at basins and basin taps – with so many designs, types and sizes , finding the perfect pairing can be a technical headache.

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Using GROHE’s PerfectMatch, this wash basin and basin mixer pairing at the Qanvast Experience Center is tested to provide the most optimal room for washing hands and reducing water splashes.

To save yourself the stress of bathroom ware shopping, GROHE has developed PerfectMatch, an online application that recommends the ideal basin-to-faucet pairing by GROHE.

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Each combination is tested for the best fit in terms of design and function, based on 4 tests:

  1. Feasibility Test: Is the faucet able to fit into the basin and work correctly?
  2. Splash Test: When the faucet is turned on, will the water flow over the basin?
  3. Hand Wash Splash Test: Is the basin able to capture water splashes effectively when washing hands?
  4. Comfort Test: Is there enough space and height around the spout for easy, comfortable use?

With PerfectMatch, homeowners can always expect a seamless fit that's a breeze to install and use

Try out PerfectMatch online here.


The world’s leading provider of premium sanitary fittings, GROHE is a global brand dedicated to developing innovative water products for every aspect of the bathroom and kitchen. With a focus on user-centric, eco-friendly water products, check out GROHE’s market-leading shower systems and basin/mixer tap combinations at work – at the Qanvast Experience Centre.

For latest deals on GROHE bathroom and kitchen fittings, visit GROHE Singapore’s website here.

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