No Space? We've Here Practical Tips for Making Space!

September 13, 2018

The homes in this list have taken this philosophy to the next level by working awkward apartment layouts to their best advantage, and carving out precious storage space from virtually nothing. Looking at these homes is enough to make one want to live in a chic, compact space instead of a big home.

1. TV feature walls are all the rage these days, but we’re seeing the rise of the gap, which is that sweet bit of space built into the wall as an additional storage or display space. This feature is great for small homes that like to display knickknacks but don’t have room for dedicated display spaces.

Modern Practical Homes

The full-length mirror strategically placed in the hallway is a great way of brightening up the living space, and another trick we’d like to steal is the idea of turning the awkward corner in the bedroom into built-in storage cabinets. How clever!

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

Interior Firm: Charlotte's Carpentry

2. Fancy dining at those fancy restaurants that offer a view of the chefs at work? Consider doing a half wall feature that separates the kitchen from the dining area, creating the illusion of a seamless open space that makes the dining area look brighter and roomier. We love how the wine cabinet is neatly tucked in without weighing down the clean and put-together look.

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

Interior Firm: Zenith Arc

3. Work a tricky apartment layout to your advantage by finding where storage features can be added. This apartment’s foyer nicely transitions into the living room with the help of a consistent colour scheme, and it also doesn’t hurt that they have found an ingenious way to add more hidden storage space.

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

Installing sliding doors is also a great option for homeowners who want to be able to choose between having wide, open spaces, or partition when the occasion calls for it.

Modern Practical Homes

Interior Firm: KDOT Associates

4. Say it with us – when the storage is on the wall, you get more space on the floor! This home shrewdly goes for storage features on the upper half of the wall, leaving the bottom half free for more floor space. Instead of wasting that precious space, the homeowners wisely installed cabinets and created a study area. By having all the storage features flush against the same side of the wall, the room appears bigger and less cluttered.

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

Interior Firm: The Local INN.terior

5. Dream big storage ideas in a small bedroom by choosing your headboard and bed frame wisely! Not only do some headboards come with storage space, some even provide compartment shelves that allow you to display your treasures for some instant pizzazz.

Modern Practical Homes

We also love the multi-purpose long settee / TV console that doubles up as storage, display ledge and dining seat.

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

Interior Firm: D5 Studio Image

6. Food, good books, and wine – that’s all you need to get through life! At least that seems to be the philosophy that this cosy one-room unit has embraced. The compact dining and work space fits snugly between the storage and shelving units, and we love that a bottle of wine is conveniently within reach.

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

What’s more, one of the cabinets contain a pull-out table that can accommodate a surprise guest! This smart set-up is perfect for a chic homeowner who values both form and function.

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

Interior Firm: UNO Interior

7. When you’ve got no space but still need to get your face done, a floating vanity is the perfect solution. Taking up minimal space yet ensuring that you get ample space to store your goodies and get ready for the day, there is nothing to dislike about a floating vanity!

Modern Practical Homes

Mitigate an awkward bathroom design by coming up with a creative layout for your basin unit. Instead of having a bulky unit that takes up space which you can’t spare, why not choose something that is compact and fits perfectly into a corner?

Modern Practical HomesModern Practical Homes

Interior Firm: Habit

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