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No Time to Clean? Busy Homeowners Swear by This Duster

Admit it - we’re always suffering in a state of cleaning limbo. We want our homes to look spick and span, but we hate spending time cleaning up. Dust and dander can work up a serious allergy, but they gather in the worst of places (read: tiny nooks and hard-to-reach corners). Isn’t there a way to get all that pesky housework done without the headache? Good news: There is.

Inspired by old-school feather dusters (which actually do a decent job of cleaning besides being used for caning), the Magiclean Handy Duster is an upgraded version that picks up every dust particle - impossible spaces and all. Best part? You won’t even need to spend hours on it.

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No surprise why busy homeowners swear by this cleaning gizmo – here, we check out 4 reasons that make the Magiclean Handy Duster a godsend:

1. It Can Be Used on Everything

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Yes everything – plants, porcelain figurines, your books and more. Dust doesn’t just land on walls or floors, they do so on these objects as well. And you can’t possibly use a mop, vacuum cleaner or broom on them, right?

Lightweight and easily portable, Magiclean Handy Duster allows you to quickly whisk through these difficult areas without scratching, damaging or tipping things over. With soft, feather like micro fibres that’s highly absorbent and traps even the finest dust; soft, light sweeping motions are all you need to pick up general dust particles on the quick.

2. It Cleans the Toughest, Hardest-to-Reach Places

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Think ceiling fans, air-conditioners, pendant lights and even your cove ceilings. Because they are so hard to get to, it can be terrifyingly easy to procrastinate cleaning it till the next spring cleaning period, or the next… until it’s too late.

Thankfully Magiclean Handy Duster comes with an angled head that can be extended up to 95cm – making it easy to reach high or deep places without having to pull out a ladder (or a body contortion trick). The high absorption fibres once again catch dust effectively in one whisk, keeping arm work down to the bare minimum. Phew!

3. It Won’t Cause Dust Showers

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You know, when you wipe a surface and instead of dust being trapped, it just flies everywhere. One more reason why you’d rather not clean instead of suffering an impending sneezing fit.

Well, no more excuses now – the Magiclean Handy Duster’s microfiber surface doesn’t just trap dust, it also keeps them there! Dust is effectively captured in its absorbent material in one swipe, with no flyaway dust.

4. You Won’t Need to Clean It

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Another major downer when it comes to housekeeping? Cleaning the tools you use to clean. Be it washing dirty rags or emptying and cleaning a vacuum cleaner’s dust bin, that alone can take up a chunk of time. And it is valuable time that you could use doing something more productive.

That’s where Magiclean Handy Duster really shines. While each duster head can be used to thoroughly dust your entire home, they can be easily replaced with refills once dirty. Not only does it make for a more hygienic option, it also means you won’t have to spend time maintaining it – yay for time-strapped individuals everywhere!

Note: Duster head is not washable and not suitable for use on wet surface. The duster head refill pack costs $4.50 for 3 pieces, available at all major retailers.

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Take Quick Cleaning to the Next Level

Why spend half a day (or a weeknight) wiping and cleaning surfaces or trying to reach those impossible nooks and corners, when you can easily spend 10-15 minutes dusting over your entire space?

Great for busy parents, working professionals who have to grapple with home cleaning after a long day at work or just plain cleaning procrastinators, the Magiclean Handy Duster thoroughly clears any space from pesky dust and dander in one swift swipe.

No need for expensive, hard-to-maintain vacuums or cleaning accessories – the Magiclean Handy Duster is a pocket-friendly solution that can be used in the long term – without the need for cleaning! Once dirty, simply swap its duster head out, and it’s as good as new.

The Magiclean Handy Duster is available at all major retailers or on Kao Official Homecare stores online.

Image credit (in order of appearance): Authors Interior and Styling, The Orange Cube, Aerialwerkz, Create, and ELPIS Interior.

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