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Not a Dream: Get Your Ideal Bedroom on a Budget

March 21, 2019 · Paid Partnership with Haylee

The bedroom. The most welcoming space after a long day of activities. Did you know that a huge chunk of your life (around 33 years) is spent in it? That’s probably why some folks spare no expense when the bedroom requires fixing up.

But what can you do if you happen to be on a shoestring budget? Turns out, plenty! Give your bedroom the facelift you need for less with these tips.

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Interior Firm: Versaform

1. What makes your dream bedroom?

Everyone has their own sense of style. In fact, you may already have pins or bookmarks of design inspirations ready. If not, you may want to start browsing the web or leafing through magazines to find furnishings you like. Create a mood board or two while you’re at it – it helps to see all the pieces laid out. The last thing you need is mismatched accessories when you want to nail down a specific look.

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Interior Firm: Couple Abode

2. Do the legwork

Done the research and gathered your inspirations? Next comes something a tad more tedious – having to plan out your budget. There are several key components requiring your attention: walls, flooring, furnishings and décor. We recommend allocating a portion of your finances to each beforehand and then eliminating stores that don’t fit your budget. As you will be shortlisting products around this time, you may want to use a spreadsheet (we won’t say it’s a must, but it certainly prevents things from getting too messy down the road).

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Interior Firm: Boewe Design

3. Repurposing salvageable furnishings

If it's not broken, don’t throw it away. Spruce up old furnishings by reupholstering them, swapping out older covers, giving them a fresh coat of paint or simply polishing them! Sometimes all you need is a little effort to make things look as good as new.

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Interior Firm: Zenith Arc

4. Shop for pre-loved furniture

Though age does wear furnishings out, things like peeling paint or rusted handles can be easily remedied. What you really need to look out for when you shop second-hand is the furniture’s structural integrity – once it comes apart, there may be no way to restore it. Want to find pre-loved furniture in Singapore? We recommend shopping at online marketplaces, hitting up vintage furniture stores or scouting around at a flea market.

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Interior Firm: Linear Space Concept

5. Think twice about bespoke

Carpentry work often comes with a massive price tag. Instead of opting for bespoke built-in wardrobes, bedframes and the like, swap them out for smaller alternatives. Plus, unlike those immovable wardrobes, you can maneuver these substitutes around with ease.

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Interior Firm: Control Space Design Studio

6. Embrace minimalistic living… for now

Ever heard of those “empty canvas” homes? Work in the essentials then leave your bedroom as is. The lesser accessories and décor you purchase, the easier it is on your wallet.

Here’s an additional tip: the “empty canvas” bedroom doesn’t always have to remain a blank slate. Once you tire of the bare-bones look, fill the empty spaces up with your DIY crafts. Hang your own paintings or print out a few of your favourite photos, frame them up and make your own collage wall.

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Interior Firm: Archive Design

7. Shop affordable mattress alternatives

You’re almost done realising your dream space, there’s just one thing left… the mattress. And these can rack up quite the bill… if you choose to shop in your regular department store that is. Save more on your mattress with affordable and comfortable alternatives from Haylee! Not only do Haylee’s mattresses conform to the body and provide better support during sleep, it also offers cool comfort during humid nights in Singapore!

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That’s not all – delivery is FOC and the mattress can be shipped over in as little as two hours! You will also get to enjoy a generous 100-night trial and a ten-year warranty on the house. Test the mattress to your heart’s content and rest assured that you won’t have to keep getting replacements if the mattress starts to sag. Get your Haylee mattress today and save an additional $100!

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