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Ogawa’s New Massage Chair Is Top Class, But Is It the Best?

April 21, 2021 · Paid Partnership with OGAWA

With so many massage chair options in today’s market, there are a number of key aspects you should take note of first before beginning your search:

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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Technology and innovation: You may have heard of 3D and 4D rollers being the pinnacle of massage chair technology, but that’s no longer the case. The most advanced chairs now come equipped with high-tech functions like voice command, facial recognition, and even health-scanning capabilities that can create a more humanised experience.

Internal mechanisms: Motors, rollers and processors are the ‘backbone’ of every massage chair, so naturally top-of-the-line chairs are equipped with only the best-in-class versions of these components. Examples include brushless motors that produce ultra-smooth massage movements with minimal wear and tear, as well as high-tech processors that can transmit signals almost instantaneously.

For those of us who love a good rub-down after work, the experience of surrendering your fatigued body to a massage chair is both a welcome and enjoyable one.

Besides providing much-needed physical relief, these high-tech machines can also relieve mental stress by releasing natural mood-boosters in the form of endorphins during massage sessions.

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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But as any massage chair connoisseur knows, getting one for your home is going to be a hefty investment. So, what exactly does OGAWA’s latest massage chair – the Master Drive AI – have to offer?

Well, for one, it’s probably the most technologically-advanced massage chair on the market with a diverse variety of health and health functions that’ll knead away all of your woes (or at the very least, the physical ones). Here’s what these features include:

1. Microprocessors and brushless motors that deliver a human touch

One of the biggest differentiators between using a massage chair and traditional massage is the reassuring sensation of a pair of experienced hands working their way into your knotted muscles and releasing every bit of accumulated tension.

And although the Master Drive A.I. isn’t an actual masseur, it’s still capable of delivering a smooth and quiet massage experience in real time, with a ‘human’ touch that’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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The advanced mechanisms of the Master Drive AI are capable of delivering targeted heat therapy, in addition to an almost human-like massage experience.

Underneath its attractive upholstery, the Master Drive AI has four isolated thermal silicone massage rollers as well as a trio of highly-advanced M.5 microprocessors that detect and deliver pinpoint relief to the sore spots in your neck, shoulders and back via heat therapy.

Accompanying these high-performance mechanisms is what OGAWA calls the Extended Massage Track: a 54-inch long ‘pathway’ which the thermal rollers traverse along to iron out every kink in your muscles.

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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Faster, quieter, and more efficient, brushless motors are the components responsible for powering the Master Drive AI’s rollers.

Also, if you’re concerned about noise when using the Master Drive AI, then you won’t have to, because what’s driving its thermal rollers are a set of brushless motors.

Due to their frictionless design, brushless motors are typically used in advanced medical devices, aircraft and vehicles for better performance – and the Master Drive AI is a forerunner amongst massage chairs in integrating these efficient components for maximum noise reduction as well as extra-smooth motion.

2. Personalised massage programmes based on health readings

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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Personal health readings taken through the built-in handheld tracker can be viewed on compatible tablets or mobile devices.

Yes, you might be your massage therapist’s most loyal customer because of how masterful his/her techniques are, but to have their undivided attention 24/7? Now, that isn’t possible.

In this day and age, what’s more likely (and cost-effective for your pains and aches) is finding a technologically-superior massage chair which is capable of personalised therapy – and that’s something the highly-advanced Master Drive AI can accomplish.

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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The health tracker and M.5 microprocessors analyse body readings in real-time so that the Master Drive AI is able to create the best relaxation experience for your body and mind.

An integrated handheld tracker gives the Master Drive AI the ability to detect where you’re most fatigued and relies on biofeedback data (e.g. heart rate, tension level) to prescribe a custom stress/pain relief program from a database of traditional massage techniques, including but not limited to Chinese Tui Na, Japanese Shiatsu, and Swedish kneading.

So, does that make the Master Drive AI sort of an in-house massage therapist whom you can ‘consult’ at any time of the day? In our opinion, yes!

3. Smart, intuitive controls, including voice command and facial recognition

While the Master Drive AI can be operated via the OGAWA app on a mobile device, it also grants users the freedom to choose between manual and hands-free control.

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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A control panel on the right armrest makes it possible to operate the Master Drive AI with a touch of a button or turn of a dial.

If you prefer traditional mechanisms, there’s an armrest panel with a stylish dial (as opposed to a clunky remote) which quite literally puts control of the Master Drive AI at your fingertips, allowing you to increase/decrease the intensity of your preferred massage routine as you please.

On the other hand, if you belong to the tech-savvy crowd, there’s the option of using voice commands to control the Master Drive AI. Simply say “Hey Ogawa” followed by your desired action (e.g. “start the massage” or “pause the massage”) and the Master Drive AI will respond accordingly without you having to lift a finger.

4. 26 massage programmes and 500 combinations you can try out

If one full-body massage programme isn’t enough to satisfy you, how about 26? And if that still isn’t enough to satisfy, what about 500 combinations? With a near-endless range of massage routines made possible through researched user data and a group of TCM doctors, creating a personal relaxation haven at home is now a reality.

Ogawa masterdrive AI massage chair
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An extendable 28cm footrest with heat therapy air bags ensures that you’ll be refreshed from head to toe after every session.

And you won’t ever have to fret about losing track of your customised programmes either – the Master Drive AI is capable of storing multiple user profiles via a facial recognition system, which means near-instant access to your favourite routines every time you’re ready to unwind at home.

Pamper yourself with the OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair!

If you’re asking about our verdict on whether the OGAWA Master Drive AI is the best massage chair, it’s most definitely a “yes”. With a game-changing massage chair like it, you can enjoy a luxury recovery session anytime at home, while saving yourself a trip to the spa or therapist’s clinic.

To find out more about the Master Drive AI, simply head down to any OGAWA store near you to try it out in-person or visit this link to find out about ongoing promotions!

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