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Outstanding Features Your Standing Desk Should Have, Besides… Standing

February 9, 2023 · Paid Partnership with Omnidesk

We stan a desk that has these features!

If it feels like you’ve been seeing a deluge of height-adjustable desks everywhere… well, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Although the novelty might have worn off, it doesn’t seem like the hype is dying down anytime soon.

As for why, the answer might lie in the fact that a standing desk can have far more features than just being height-adjustable, and that you can customise one for your unique needs.

What are these features, you ask? Read on!

Customisation for any set-up you want

For a start, an outstanding standing desk is highly customisable: ergonomic design beyond height-adjustability, desk organisers, cable management, other accessories… the list goes on.

Omnidesk standing desk
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Omnidesk table top with the Ergo Curve design

If the focus of your set-up is the ergonomics, you might as well go all the way, like with Omnidesk’s table tops that have ergonomics built into the design.

Their signature table tops, for instance, come with the option of an Ergo Curve design – or an ergonomic curve – that’ll let you move closer to the desk while resting your arms against the curved section to maintain your posture.

If you often find yourself slouching or leaning forward while working (which could lead to stiff shoulders or a sore neck), these improved ergonomics are helpful.

Omnidesk standing desk
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Omnidesk’s desks also come with a whole range of peripherals, like ergonomic seating solutions, desk organisers and accessories to boost productivity.

A plus is the built-in cable management system, with an XL cable management bar and a sizeable grommet hole, that can help you organise all your unruly wires for your devices without additional hassle.

Omnidesk standing desk
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Or if you want a dedicated gaming set-up, you can consider a comfortable ergonomic chair and RGB lighting strips – and a table top big enough to hold your monitors and gaming PC.

Still studying? You might be looking for extra storage solutions to store books, or a desktop organiser with modular brackets for your stationery – all of which Omnidesk offers.

Omnidesk standing desk
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They even have an anti-fatigue mat to ease the pressure from standing for a long time. And if you want to enjoy a cuppa securely held in a beverage holder… yes, they’ve got that too!

Timeless (and sturdy) materials for the table top and frame

With so many standing desk options to choose from, you might be tempted to go for the cheapest there is, but you should weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Omnidesk standing desk
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The Omnidesk Ichi desk with unique epoxy resin running across like a ‘stream’

As with any piece of furniture you buy, it’s always worth investing in a quality standing desk that’ll last you a long time – especially if you spend more than half your waking hours at it.

It checks out that the frame of an electric standing desk needs to be sturdy for a smooth ascent/descent – the last thing you’d want is for the desk to wobble excessively while moving, or worse, collapse!

The next thing to consider is the table top material – the best kind is one that balances durability with a timeless aesthetic that matches your workspace: a solid wood table top, for example.

Omnidesk standing desk
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If you’re not sure where to start looking, Omnidesk’s desk frames and variety of sleek table tops will no doubt lift your mood and boost productivity.

The Omnidesk Pro and Ascent desks have strong and stable steel frames that can effortlessly lift up to 130 kg of weight, and they move at steady speeds of 43mm/s and 60mm/s respectively.

You might be wondering if the desks wobble… but you can cast away those worries thanks to the high-quality craftsmanship that goes into making them stable.

Omnidesk standing desk
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The Omnidesk Ascent Wildwood desk with an acacia finish with white frames

Omnidesk’s signature table top also has a powder-coated surface that’s made for mouse tracking, effectively turning your entire desk into a giant mousepad!

You can take your pick from the solid wood table tops in the Wildwood Collection too – they come in various shades/tones like acacia and walnut that’ll not just complement, but also elevate the look of your workspace (quite literally).

The set-up is modular, so you can swap out your table top for another design (or even size) whenever you want to change things up: for example, if you’re moving to a new place with a different interior style.

Smart features for precision and convenience

What’s a standing desk for if it doesn’t do some of the heavy lifting for us?

Omnidesk standing desk
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Both the Omnidesk Pro and Omnidesk Accent desks do just that, without the hassle of manually adjusting the desk height: they have four memory presets for your most-used heights, which you can easily adjust your desk to by tapping the corresponding button on the controller.

Omnidesk standing desk
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With an OLED screen, RGB lighting, and large buttons, the Omnidesk Ascent’s exclusive desk controller has a pleasing aesthetic

It’s also handy if you’re sharing the desk with someone, so they can switch to their preferred height with the press of a button.

The Omnidesk Ascent even comes with the Omnidesk Life app to track your sitting and standing hours, as well as to remotely adjust the desk height to the precise height you want.

Reliable customer service support

Here’s another thing that’s paramount for any big-ticket item: reliable customer service support for any issues you face with your product.

Omnidesk standing desk
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It’s no exception for standing desks, so when you’re finalising your purchase, make sure you check on the warranty period and what it covers, as well as what after-sales support is available.

If you go ahead with purchasing an Omnidesk electric standing desk, you can count on their onsite assembly service if you’d rather a professional handle the set-up. You can also reach out to their local customer service hotline for any problems that may crop up.

Elevate your standing desk experience with special features

Omnidesk standing desk
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When you’re selecting your standing desk, pick a sturdy and customisable one that gets you out of the monotony of the daily grind and gives your aching muscles a break.

For starters, hop on over to Omnidesk’s website to check out series like the Omnidesk Pro and Ascent desks that are the result of extensive research and product quality checks. With plenty of customisation options, you can plan your set-up just the way you want it.

There’s no question about it – at the end of the day, you’ll thank yourself for choosing an outstanding standing desk!

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