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Personalise Your Living Spaces With Colours

Now that you have got your apartment layout and design more or less finalized, it's time to bring it to the next level. How can you personalize it and make it uniquely yours?

To make your apartment more interesting, consider using elements like colours, wallpapers and accessories. Not only will they create visual interest, they can also reflect fascinating aspects of your personalities.

1. Don't be afraid to mix colours and patterns, as these owners have done. Colouful mosaic tiles on monochromatic wallpaper and contrasting splashes of colour may sound like a mess but when executed well, it can look eclectic and extremely well-coordinated.

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Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Hoy Fatt Road (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $45,000

2. If you've got a colourful personality, choose the right accessories to reflect that. Brightly-coloured rugs and frames, vintage chairs and shelves and cute art pieces litter this quirky home that is a manifestation of its owners' vibrant character.

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Interior Designer: Make Room
Location: Tanglin (condo)
Cost of interior styling: $12,500

3. Patterned wallpapers and tiles can change the look of a room dramatically. The designers used different wallpapers to create different looks in the bedrooms. A colourful striped washbasin in a mosaic tiled washroom ups the fun factor.

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Interior Designer: Space Factor
Location: Joo Chiat Avenue (landed)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $205,000

4. The use of stark black lines on white in the living and dining areas adds an interesting graphic element. The study, which doubles as a display for owners' collection of sneakers and figurines, features blue camo print wallpaper to match the street vibe of the collection.

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Interior Designer: Space Vision Design
Location: Tampines Street (HDB)
Cost: $70,000

5. Make your kids' rooms more fun with brightly coloured partitions. Have your child look forward to climbing into bed with a cut-out partition that encloses the bed, creating a warm and safe space to create sweet dreams.

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Interior Designer: Spacedge Designs
Location: Ardmore Park (condo)

6. Emit a vintage, eclectic charm with the right furniture and accessories. Use lots of wood to add warmth to your home. For a vintage vibe, choose the colours carefully – warm and natural colours will make the look more convincing.

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Interior Designer: three-d conceptwerke
Location: Eunos (HDB)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $65,000

7. Let bright washes of colour show of your vibrant personality. Use your walls as your canvas and paint them in your favourite hues. Throw in accessories in contrasting colours to make them pop.

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Interior Designer: FSI
Location: Mandalay Road (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $55,000

8. Mix wood and bright colours to create a different feel. The bright hues are fun and vibrant, while the wood grounds the look.

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Interior Designer: Third Avenue Studio
Location: Buangkok (condo)
Cost: $30,000

As you can see, home designs are a great way to reflect their owners' personalities. Send in a quote request or contact these interior designers who can bring out your personalities through design, via the Qanvast app today!

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