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Pretty Practical: 9 Vanity Dressers For Small Spaces

June 20, 2017

If you thought that a vanity dresser takes up too much space, you will be surprised when you take a look at these beautifully designed vanity dressers. With minimal space, all you need is a little creativity to cook up a vanity dresser that best suits your needs and at the same time, mesmerises all who enter your home.

1. This icy-blue themed vanity dresser with a round mirror is a cutie pie! Definitely one that tugs on girls’ heartstrings, it is best suited for those who wish to play around with a small space.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Fuse Concept

2. Killing two birds with one stone will be this woody and elegant vanity dresser infused into your wardrobe. With clothes within reach of your beauty kit, you can now match your outfit and make-up in the comfort of your bedroom! Definitely a match made in heaven.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Posh Home

3. This striking black beauty fuses glamour and minimalism, making it the epitome of class. Fitted with golden lights and an easy-to-use drawer, this dresser would make you feel like royalty. Perfect for those who dress to impress.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Mr Shopper Studio

4. Nothing beats having a beautiful view while you are checking yourself out. A slim mirror and brown drawer gives this vanity dresser a sleek yet simple look. With its strategic location, you can now take a stunning selfie against a splendid backdrop.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Prozfile

5. Dare to be different with this contemporary-themed dresser. With full lighting and a stool designed like a porcelain jar, it is for the bold and adventurous. Separated by a wall, it gives you all the privacy you need to get yourself ready for a night out.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Weiken

6. This is a vanity dresser making a fashion statement. Small yet big enough, it takes up minimal area while providing you with the space needed to keep your grooming and beauty kits. Designed to keep dust away from your grooming and beauty kits, this dresser will take care of the items you hold dear. With a wide-angle mirror, you can get a close-up view of how you look. Perfect for when applying your make-up.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Liid Studio

7. Posh and chic, coupled with a close to full-length mirror, this dresser lets you check your appearance from head to toe. Saving space by extending out from the cupboard, it gives you plenty of room to move about and try your outfits.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Fineline Design

8. Pretty in pink with a blanket of sophistication, this dresser blends modern and vintage designs, giving it a refined look. Making use of space that will otherwise remain empty, the mirror is joint together with the wall and the drawers are extended out to just a couple of centimetres behind the edge of the side walls. Zero extra space needed.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Space Vision Design

9. Life in black may seem bleak but a vanity dresser in black is dashing. With its window-like frame and large drawers, the dresser is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also practical.

Vanity Dressers

Interior designer: Habit

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