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Proof: $5,000 is All You Need to Furnish Your Entire Home

Whether it’s a new BTO or a resale fixer-upper, any home overhaul is bound to take a chunk out of one’s expenses. And if you think spending on carpentry, tiling or flooring is all that you’ll need to think about, don’t forget furniture!

If renovation works set the background, furniture pieces are the brushstrokes that add character, functionality, and comfort to a home. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to splash out another five-digit sum just to fill your space up! Find out how you can furnish your entire home (under $5,000) with these picks from Comfort Design Furniture.

1. Scandinavian

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Everyone’s favourite interior style is bright, cheery and easy to achieve. The look emphasizes on natural, clean-cut furnishings to build up, but don’t be afraid to use a pop of colour or two! Consider pastels or neutral, muted shades that bring a sense of calm on sofa fabrics, accents or artworks. And don’t forget, earthy woods for a touch of cosiness and warmth.

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Total Cost: $4,770.36

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  1. Aiden Sofa in Green, $850
  2. Oxford Coffee Table, $158.36
  3. Lucy Side Table, $246
  4. Jannie Oak Wood Dining Set, $1499
  5. Snug Queen Bed Frame in Grey, $899
  6. Pronto Oak Wood Study Table, $685
  7. Abstract Medium Poster, $49
  8. Adik Study Chair in Blue, $125
  9. Stream Outdoor Lounge Chair, $259

2. Japandi

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Minimal yet utilitarian, the Japandi style has been gaining in popularity thanks to its easygoing aesthetic. Natural elements such as wood, cotton, and indoor greenery take centre stage here, set in linear, uniform shapes for a structured look. This theme also focuses much on practicality - think timeless, modular furniture pieces that pack a ton of storage too.

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Total Cost: $4,964

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  1. Korito 3-Seater Sofa, $899
  2. Motley TV Console, $1119
  3. Lisbon Dining Chair (4 Pc), $552
  4. Biwa Extendable Dining Table, $439
  5. Ascot Queen Storage Bed Frame (Customisable), $998

  6. Kiki Stool, $89
  7. Artificial Monstera Plant, $135
  8. Alliance Study Table, $499
  9. Yoko 2X2 Shelf, $169
  10. Cement Pendant Lamp, $65

3. Dark Contemporary

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Two words - sleek and sophisticated. Unlike brighter, lighter themes like Scandinavian or Japanese, dark contemporary spaces are all about adding that sense of drama and upscale glamour. Here, dimmer hues in black and grey are welcomed, along with the use of metallics or other reflective materials like mirrors or glass. Balance it out with furniture in minimal details for a stylish, current look.

Get the Look:

Total Cost: $4,142.43

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  1. Farrer 3-Seater Sofa, $1026.13
  2. Jamaica Outdoor Armchair, $269
  3. Spheres Coffee Table (600mm, Customisable), $348
  4. Stash Queen Bed Frame, $790 with Baton Sleep Mattress, $650
  5. Wire 1 Dining Chairs (4 Pcs), $642
  6. TD1 Series Pendant Lamp, $80.25
  7. Junko Round Dining Table, $337.05

4. Mid-Century Modern Luxe

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Chic and polished, modern luxe spaces are likewise gaining in popularity with homeowners looking for a classy twist. Here, luxurious, glitzy elements like gold, marble, agate or Lucite still take centre stage, though softened with simple, uncluttered shapes for a look that’s not too over the top. In recent times, rounded furniture in plush materials like velvet are also increasingly sought after for an upscale slant.

Get the Look:

Total Cost: $4,850

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  1. Lofty 3-Seater Sofa, $928
  2. Abeno Coffee Table, $409
  3. Wire-9 Side Chair in Copper Champagne (4 Pcs), $676
  4. Campus Bar Stool in Taupe, $189
  5. Beth Dining Table, $498
  6. Carlson Queen Bed Frame, $699
  7. Beth TV console, $798
  8. Wire-11 Armchair in Copper Champagne, $205
  9. Beth Study Table, $448

Shop these wallet-friendly picks and more at Comfort Furniture!

Building the home of your dreams won’t have to break the bank! Featuring over a thousand home furnishing products, Comfort Furniture offers a wide range of stylish, on-trend pieces to suit any interior theme and budget.

Shop online at www.comfortfurniture.com.sg, or head down to their 32,000 sqft showroom (that’s 3 football field sizes!) at Eunos to see and feel the actual products in a stylized setting.

Comfort Design Building

110 Eunos Avenue 7
Singapore 409573

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