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Proven: These are the Best Rated, Anti-Mosquito Devices

There are some ‘pests’ that help around the house in some way (like insect-eating lizards and spiders). And then, there are mosquitos. They don't just annoy everyone with itchy bite marks and incessant hovering; mosquitos can even pose a serious threat to your health – like dengue fever.

And thanks to Singapore’s tropical heat, dengue has become a year-round epidemic that’s recently hit another high. So, if you’re done dealing with these critters, gear up! These anti-mosquito devices have been proven by homeowners to keep those bloodsuckers away for good.

1. Scent Up Your Space with Citronella Candles

Cutter Citro Guard Candle, US$5.99 on Amazon

Anti Mosquito Traps and Tools Singapore
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Think of this as a heavy-duty Yankee Candle – with surprisingly practical benefits! Made from real citronella oil whose citrusy scent keeps mosquitoes far and away, this huge candle can burn for up to 30 hours. Talk about value for money. Users also liked the candle’s slow burn and high citronella content (up to 3%).

2. Protect Stillwater with Mosquito Dunks

Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk, from US$19.09

Anti Mosquito Traps and Tools Singapore
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When you’ve got 85% of reviewers rating it 4 out of 5 stars (and above), you know it’s effective. Made from organic materials (no pesky chemicals!) these compact bits are ‘dunked’ into any areas with still or collected water. When submerged, it releases a bacteria that kills off any mosquito larvae breeding in water. Don’t worry though, the bacteria is completely safe for humans – and pets! If you’re thinking of nipping the problem before it even starts, this is it.

3. Fry Them with an Electric Zapper

Wokashaka Bug Zapper, US$12.95 on Amazon

Anti Mosquito Traps and Tools Singapore
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Perfect for those who have a slight sadistic streak, this bug zapper utilizes LED light to attract mosquitoes and flying insects to it – before literally electrocuting them with static electricity. In fact, some have reported it luring over tens of mosquitos in just a couple of days. Only catch? It’s not exactly child-safe (thanks to its electrical current). So, keep it out of reach from kids!

Anti Mosquito Traps and Tools Singapore
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Interior Designer: Ciseern

4. Suck Them in with a Fan Trap

Photo Catalyst Mosquito Trap, S$34.80 on Lazada

Anti Mosquito Traps and Tools Singapore
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Yes, it’s a mini vacuum cleaner that sucks in mosquitoes! The trap comes with a lamp that emits out ultraviolet rays, which reacts with its titanium oxide frame to create an environment that mimics the human body. Once mosquitoes are lured over, its built-in motor fan sucks them in – leaving them trapped inside. Best part? It doesn’t even make much of a sound, so you won’t even notice a thing.

5. Get Rid of Them on Potted Plants with This Anti-Mozzie Sprinkle

Summit Responsible Solutions Mosquito Bits Quick Kill, US$14.60 on Amazon

Anti Mosquito Traps and Tools Singapore
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One of Amazon’s top-selling (and best-rated) anti-mosquito products, these mosquito bits can be sprinkled on smaller, damp areas like your potted plants for a quick kill. Like dunks, bits release Bti, a form of bacteria that attacks mosquito larvae. However, what’s great about the product is that it is so value-for-money. A small amount in the right places is enough to last a couple of days; allowing its huge volume to last users a long, long time.

6. Bonus: Spruce Up (and Keep Mozzies At Bay) with Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Anti Mosquito Traps and Tools Singapore
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A plant that brightens up your space and repels mosquitos with its smell? Just get those things already. A better, natural alternative to insecticides, consider plants and herbs like:

  • Citronella Grass: Mosquitoes dislike its citrusy scent, and (yay!) they thrive in sunny climates.
  • Lavender: The herb’s distinctive fragrance hinders a mosquito’s ability to smell (and therefore suss you out).
  • Basil: Besides being a wonderful complement to your dishes, the pungent smell basils release keeps mosquitos from coming close.
  • Rosemary: This herb’s woody scent is what keeps annoying bloodsuckers at bay.

Cover Image: D5 Image Studio

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