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Qanvast Hacks: Pet Hacks For A Happier Dog

June 23, 2017

Having a dog at home no doubt has its benefits - a livelier atmosphere and someone always looking forward to seeing you, among others. But taking care of your pet may not be as easy as it seems.

With our friend Donna from @weliveinaflat, we share 6 simple pet hacks to help you along the way.

Hack 1: Cleaning Fur Off The Sofa

pet dog hacks

If you have a dog with longer hair, using a squeegee will work wonders, but for those with short-haired pups, a lint roller is better suited to get rid of the fur.

Hack 2: Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

pet dog hacks

Instead of buying a dog toothbrush, try using a baby toothbrush instead. Its flat profile head and softer bristles are better at protecting your dog's gums.

Hack 3: A Dog Bowl Substitute

pet dog hacks

On a walk but you forgot to bring along your dog bowl? Fret not, the plastic bag you have on hand can double up as a bowl for your dog to hydrate.

Hack 4: Getting Rid Of Bad Breath

pet dog hacks

Just add a little bit of parsley to your dog's food to freshen up bad breath. If your pooch won't take a sprig of parsley, try using parsley flakes instead.

Hack 5: Dealing With Separation Anxiety

pet dog hacks

Feed your dog just before you leave home. This distracts it from you leaving, preventing separation anxiety. Plus, when you leave, something good happens - food!

Hack 6: Easy-To-Maintain Dog Beds

pet dog hacks

Instead of buying a dog bed, use 2 IKEA pillows as a dog bed. Having multiple pillows and washable covers makes it easier to keep your dog's bed fresh and clean.

Note that dogs migrate around between naps, so you may want to have more than one sleeping area to let your dog pick where it wants to sleep!

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