Qanvast Hacks: Turn Your Sweater Into A Pet Bed 1

Qanvast Hacks: Turn Your Sweater Into A Pet Bed

November 25, 2016

The pup’s going to curl up in your clothes anyway. That’s what they do. Why not turn outdated sweaters into super-plushy pet beds for your pet’s sleeping pleasure, instead? This one-of-a-kind pet bed is so easy to do, make a few — they make great gifts.

What You Need:

  1. One old sweater (the bigger your pet, the bigger your sweater)
  2. 500g cushion filling for medium-size sweater (we got ours from Spotlight)
  3. Knitting yarn, crochet threads, or thick threads (we got ours from Daiso)
  4. Thick sewing needle
  5. Scissors

Estimated cost: $20
Duration: 1 hour

*Dog not included

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