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Reach ALL Nooks with This Vacuum That Bends 90°

Cleaning under your sofa, beds and carpentry just got a whole lot easier.

Even when you vacuum, it’s impossible to pick up all the dust. After all, it’s hard to reach under bulky furniture. And most times, you’ll have to squat in order to reach the inner crevices. Or skip it entirely. Here’s our solution: a cordless vacuum that “clicks to bend”, so you can clean under low furniture without crouching down.

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Source: Tefal

Tefal’s Air Force 360 Flex Pro TY9471 has more than the flexi-tube going for it. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, this compact appliance is a great companion to bust out whenever you’re cleaning up – scroll on to find out how it helps!

1. Reach all crevices easily with a “bendable” tube for effortless cleaning

It’s easy for dust to find its way under furniture and cabinetry. However, these furnishings and fittings are either: 1) too large to shift or 2) simply anchored in place. This means that you’ll likely have to hunch down to do the cleaning.

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But if you rather skip the hassle, then make sure you have the right cleaning tool! Tefal’s TY9471 comes with a FLEX tube for easy vacuuming. Simply “click to bend” to reach the dust bunnies under your sofa, tables, cupboards and beds. With this, you can reach up to five times more (compared to a typical handstick vacuum) under low furniture. Coupled with the ultra-slim suction head, it gets under more furniture and offers better flexibility compared to your typical cordless vacuums with a rigid tube!

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Picking up debris in the darker corners? No problem! The Power Slim Vision suction head comes with LED lights. These lights provide better illumination to help with cleaning under your furniture on different types of floor surfaces including hard floors, carpet and parquet.

Transitioning to clean up the common areas is easy too! All you need to do is click the button to “snap” the tube back in place.

2. It’s two times more powerful to help speed up your vacuuming

Like all the other Air Force 360s, this addition is equipped with Tefal’s advanced cyclonic technology and their brushless motor too. So, not only does it separate air from dust effectively, but also provides powerful suction for superior cleaning regardless of your home’s surfaces.

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In addition, the boost mode makes Tefal’s TY9471 two times more powerful (compared to Tefal’s TY90 series model). Meaning that it’s even more effective at sucking up all the dirt than the previous models.

3. Integrated easy brush features to make vacuuming other areas in your home easy

Being cordless, Tefal’s TY9471 already makes cleaning a breeze. But, it does take it one step further with integrated brush heads and ergonomic design. You can use it in stick form to get around your skirtings, corners and ceilings, or as a handheld for your table top, TV and console area.

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You can even combine it with other accessories to make your cleaning session even easier! The handheld with mini motorised brush works wonders in cleaning up hair on your bed and sofa.

It can be swapped out for the furniture brush to tackle furniture fabrics and flat surfaces too.

Or you could simply use it with the extension wand to get to high shelves!

A more convenient way to get your home spick and span

Much like its previous models, Tefal’s Air Force 360 Flex Pro TY9471 has a run time of 35 minutes and a recharge time of 3 hours. While it’s not all-powerful, the new FLEX tube undoubtedly makes cleaning all the hard-to-reach areas convenient. And when it comes to sprucing up the home, it’s all that matters.

Grab one at $549 now (U.P. $849)

Browse www.tefal.com.sg for their full catalogue of high-performing household essentials.

*Disclaimer: Prices are right at the time of writing.

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