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Renovation Journey: A Safe Haven

May 12, 2017

At A Glance

• Daniel Marc, 32, security business
• Size: 43 sqm / 470 sqft
• Location: Casa Cambio
• Cost of Renovation: $20,5000
• Cost of Furnishing: $5000
• Interior Design Firm: Flipside Design
• Interior Designer: Daniel

No pushover when it came to the renovation, Daniel Marc knew what he wanted in an interior designer. We sat down for a chat with the national rugby captain and find out how his designer dealt with the challenge of renovating a home which was already partially furnished.

Renovation Journey: A Safe Haven

Qanvast: What were some of the features on Qanvast that you liked?

Daniel Marc (DM): The articles on the Qanvast website are really good as compared to the articles on other renovation platforms which did not leave any impression on me. I often drew inspiration from these articles and the project pictures on the Qanvast site when I was looking for designs for my home.

I also liked how simple it was to use the website. I could easily chat with interior designers through the platform and filter through the projects that they have completed.

Renovation Journey: A Safe Haven

Qanvast: What was your philosophy when it came to your renovation?

DM: I didn’t want to spend too much money because the house is new and the area size of the home is not very big. Hence, my concern was with functionality and revolved around how I could make this small space suitable for my needs.

Qanvast: What made Daniel stand out from the bunch?

DM: I found that Daniel was the interior designer who best understood what I wanted out of the three interior designers that I shortlisted. For example, I wanted a rotating TV wall and Daniel understood what I meant whereas the other two interior designers had some difficulties in visualising it. Daniel also gave me a lot of his input unlike the other designers.

Hence, although he was more expensive than the two other interior designers, I decided to go with him as the chemistry was there and he could match what I wanted most closely.

Renovation Journey: A Safe Haven

Qanvast: What was the biggest challenge faced by Daniel during your renovation?

DM: There was some furniture in the house before the renovation started so Daniel had to find a way to carry out the renovation without moving any of the furniture out of the house. He started out by getting his workers to shift all the furniture to the bedroom and the bomb shelter so that they could work on the living room space.

Renovation Journey: A Safe Haven

Qanvast: What were some designs which Daniel came up with to match your requirements?

DM: I told Daniel that I wanted the wood elements in my home to match the wooden doors and he took these in consideration when selecting wood tones. He also suggested constructing a deck that is flushed instead of sticking with the original tiles as they did not look very nice. To that end, he proposed to contrast light and dark tones in the home for a more interesting look.

Renovation Journey: A Safe Haven

Qanvast: Any tips for first-time homeowners?

DM: It is important for homeowners to plan their renovation timeline properly to avoid being in a situation where they have to rush their interior designers. Also, there might be unexpected delays when it comes to things such as the delivery of the materials so homeowners should always be prepared and set a timeframe which can accommodate delays.

Renovation Journey: A Safe Haven

Qanvast: Moving forward, how do you envision the design of your home changing?

DM: To me, phase one was the renovation and now, phase two would to see what renovation ideas I can implement in my home. As I have mentioned, my home is quite small so I will need to think things through carefully before deciding whether a renovation idea is worthwhile to implement.

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