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Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

June 22, 2016

At A Glance

  • James and Bernice, early 30s, in logistics and real estate industry
  • Home to: 2 adults and 1 kid
  • Location: Ang Mo Kio (resale)
  • Size: 67 sqm / 721 sqft
  • Renovation duration: 10 weeks
  • Cost of renovation: $43,000
  • Cost of furnishings and appliances: $40,000
  • Interior design firm: Corazon Interior
  • Interior designer: Sheldon
Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

The idea of returning to a home – a place where you can relax and spend time with your loved ones, was what James and Bernice look forward to everyday. In their newly renovated abode in Ang Mo Kio, the couple shared with us the secrets behind the makeover magic on this previously run-down unit.

Qanvast: It is not easy to design a layout like this. What were some design constraints you faced?

James (J): When we first bought this flat, the condition was very bad - walls were uneven, there were holes almost everywhere and the ceiling was peeling. We did a major overhaul - hacked the partition between the kitchen and dining to open up the space and combined the bathrooms so that it looked bigger.

Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

Qanvast: How did you decide to work with Sheldon?

J: Before we met Sheldon, we were inclined to go with a designer from another firm as we like the ideas he proposed. However he didn’t give us the assurance he could deliver as he did not come across as someone who is responsive and organised. In almost every meetings, we had to remind him what was discussed previously.

Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

When we met Sheldon, Sheldon gave us the assurance that he can handle the renovation. As I had to go on a weekly business trip, I needed a designer who can work with my wife and deliver the items as proposed. Sheldon had demonstrated the capability to do so.

Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

We were a little hesitant when we discovered that Corazon was one of the less well-known firms out there, but his attitude and service won us over, and to us, the designer we are going to work with is more important than the firm’s reputation. We need someone to guide us through with the whole renovation as the flat was really in a bad condition.

Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

Qanvast: How would you describe Sheldon?

J: Sheldon is down-to-earth and offered practical ideas. We were gunning for a budget of $25,000 and some firms whom we spoke to turned us away when they heard of our budget. Yet Sheldon patiently walked us through on what are some concepts we will have to drop in order to work around our budget.

Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

Qanvast: In a single word, how would you describe your renovation journey?

J: Fun. The renovation cost was a headache as we spent double than what we expected but when we see our dream come coming into fruition, we were really happy to be in a place we call ‘home’. The entire design was a big 180-degree change!

Renovation Journey: Family Retreat
Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

Qanvast: How did you commence your renovation journey?

J: We flipped magazines and visited interior designers showrooms to get some ideas. Nearing to our renovation, we rely a lot on Qanvast. There were a lot of ideas and the app is easy to use. It’s like our activity before bedtime!

Renovation Journey: Family Retreat
Renovation Journey: Family Retreat

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