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Renovation Journey: Lad With A Pad

At A Glance

  • Owner: Kok Leun, Civil Servant
  • Home To: 2 adults
  • Location: Canberra Street
  • Size: 92 sqm/ 990 sqft
  • Renovation duration: 6 weeks
  • Cost of renovation: $30,000
  • Cost of furnishing and appliances: $8,000
  • Interior design firm: DS 2000 Interior & Design
  • Interior designer: Joseph

A Bachelor's Pad With Familial Warmth

HDB Renovation Canberra Street
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Although bachelor pads are usually spaces meant for one, this cosy 4-room BTO flat at Canberra Street is shared by civil servant Kok Leun, 39, and his mother, whom he regularly watches Korean dramas with. We spoke to this loving son to find out more about his new home as well as his positive experience working with local interior design firm DS 2000.

Qanvast: Congratulations on your newly-renovated home, tell us more about it!

Kok Leun (KL): Thank you! About your question, I applied for this BTO flat back in 2014 and there were only two sites available: Canberra and Punggol. I chose the former as it's closer to my original home at Chong Pang, which would make it easier for my mom to visit our relatives who are still living there. The renovation was completed sometime last September and we moved in after that.

HDB Renovation Canberra Street
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Qanvast: So what is it like living at your new place, post-renovation?

KL: I think that my new home is better than my old place. It's refreshing, so to speak. With the current layout, I don't have to go past my kitchen everytime I go to the bathroom (laughs). Another big difference is that my dining area is now located outside of the kitchen which makes it feel more spacious.

HDB Renovation Canberra Street
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Qanvast: You worked with DS 2000 to makeover your home, how did you get to know them?

KL: Other than the Internet, I had no renovation resources to start out with initially. That was until my friend recommended Qanvast to me. She mentioned that there were quite a few good projects on the app that I could get inspiration from. Subsequently, I engaged DS 2000 through Qanvast's recommendation service.

Joseph (DS 2000's designer) stood out to me as he was very responsive and his desire to serve me better was clear. I didn't get any follow-up from any of the other designers past the initial quote, but Joseph went the extra mile by giving me the 3D drawings even before confirming our partnership.

HDB Renovation Canberra Street
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Qanvast: So how was it like working with Joseph? Were you satisfied with his service?

KL: I was really satisfied with Joseph's service. If I had to rate his work, I would give him full marks. In particular, there was a major last minute addition towards the end of the renovation. I wanted vinyl flooring to be installed in the bedrooms, and Joseph accommodated my request even though most of the works had been completed by that point.

Also, the reason why the renovation was extended by one week was because the supplier ran out the (vinyl) pattern I wanted, Joseph took only a single day to complete the overlay work. And even after the handover, his dedication did not end there. I had trouble threading a cable through my TV wall, and Joseph came over with his carpenters to assist after I contacted him for help.

HDB Renovation Canberra Street
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Qanvast: That's good to hear. Regarding your renovation, what were some specific home features that you wanted?

KL: Now that I have my own place, I can finally have a platform bed. It's great because it comes with plenty of storage. Plus, I have a PlayStation 4 in my bedroom, so it's a great spot for me to kick back and relax. The joint TV wall is a practical solution that I wanted too, because there isn't enough space at the front to fit a standalone TV console.

HDB Renovation Canberra Street
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Qanvast: Last but not least, tell us which part of your home you like best, and why?

KL: I like my living room most. It's a cosy spot, plus everything is simple but well put-together. It's a great relaxation corner for my mom too. She loves watching Korean dramas there. And ever since we moved in, I have started spending more time with her, especially during her TV sessions.

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