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Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature

###At A Glance

  • Home to: Lynn, 43, sales manager, husband and daughter
  • Size: 103 sqm / 1109 sqft
  • Location: Twin Waterfalls, Punggol
  • Cost of renovation: $22,000
  • Cost of furnishings: $20,000
  • Interior design firm: Chapter One
  • Interior designer: Jonathan
Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature
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Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected. In Lynn’s case, she had no intention of moving into a new place, until she fell in love with the condominium while tagging along with a friend to view properties. Being impressed by how this executive condominium (EC) offers a relatively bigger space to most ECs, Lynn decided to make this place a home she’d love to be in.

Read on to see how Lynn worked alongside with interior design firm, Chapter One, in creating a new, comfortable abode for the family.

Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature
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Qanvast: Since you have undergone two home renovations in the past, was it easier for you to plan for your renovation this time round?

Lynn (L): It definitely helps! Sourcing for home inspirations then and now is very different. In the past, I used to look at magazines, but now, online mediums are a much quicker alternative to search and filter down to only the ideas I’d like to see.

Renovation tips are aplenty too. Through friend’s recommendations, Facebook and Qanvast, I managed to find useful renovation tips that came in handy.

Being a third-time homeowner, I knew what I wanted in a home. This time round, we decided to splurge to beautify our place.

Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature
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Qanvast: How did you find out about Chapter One?

L: When using the Qanvast app, I shortlisted a couple of designs that I like, and I emailed to these firms. Chapter One was the only firm who responded very quickly to my enquiries.

We did try to contact another interior design firm but chose not to move forward with them because they cancelled our appointment.

Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature
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Qanvast: Was it the promptness of the interior designer that led you to selecting Chapter One for your renovation needs?

L: Yes, since Chapter One was very prompt in getting back to us, we went to schedule a meetup with them. From the first discussion to the subsequent meetups, we felt comfortable with Jonathan, which is why we decided to work with Chapter One.

Furthermore, we were pressed for time to move into our new place as we were renting a place after selling off our previous unit.

Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature
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Qanvast: How was it like to work with Jonathan?

L: Being a young lad, Jonathan had good and creative design proposals, and he is really patient with our requirements. On the other hand, we think that his age is also a disadvantage. We thought he could better manage his time and the communication with his clients.

Being anxious homeowners, we had to remind Jonathan that we were pressed for time and there were instances where we had to remind him and his team on the deadline. As with every renovation, there are delays; although we felt that these could be avoided if there were proper planning and supervision done.

Regardless, there are some commendable efforts from Jonathan. He’s a very hands-on person; for instance, he got himself involved personally in the paint job for our home even though it might not typically fall within the job scope of an interior designer.

Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature
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Qanvast: Why did you pick the industrial theme?

L: We saw a lot of modern style designs being shared by some of the ‘Twin Waterfalls’ group members on Facebook but that was not the style that we were after. My husband and I both agreed on the industrial theme for our home, but we do not want anything that could come off as being too harsh or raw. We like how our home turned out to be, which has slight hints of industrial, not too overwhelmed with the raw, unfinished look.

Renovation Journey: Neutral Nature
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Qanvast: Any advice for those who are planning to renovate their place soon?

L: You have to know what you want, and be firm in what you want. Along the way, there will be a lot of different ideas and proposals that may distract you.

Avoid spending an excessive amount of time browsing for interior ideas or home furnishings as the vast choices might end up overwhelming you and confusing you even further.

Your renovation journey can be made easier through the help of interior professionals. Drop us a complimentary quote request today and we will match you up with 5 interior design firms to help you get started on your renovation journey.

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