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Renovation Journey: Surprise At Every Turn

At A Glance:

  • David and Karine, security industry and secretary
  • Home to 2 adults, 2 kids and a helper
  • Location: Ecopolitan @ Punggol
  • Area size: 127 sqm / 1,367 sqft
  • Cost of renovation: $65,000
  • Cost of furnishing and appliances: $14,000
  • Interior design firm: i-Bridge
  • Interior designer: Evon
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To David, creating a home that

Qanvast: Tell us more about your home design.

David (D): I like to have a bright look, with more lights at home. When designing the space, I wanted to incorporate smart home technology with the design that I wanted, and also did research on the type of materials and fittings to use. I want to provide a safe and conducive environment for my family to live in. I am also on the lookout for common designs that inject an element of surprise.

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Qanvast: Were there any area(s) both Karine and yourself had to compromise?
D: Karine wanted invisible grilles for the safety of the kids but I didn’t want to ruin the view we had from the balcony. Then, I found the solution to our woes - Zip-trak. These motorised blinds do not ruin the view internally and externally and it shields wind and rain. Furthermore, you can turn on the air-con without worrying about cool air escaping. We instructed our helper to ensure the blinds are drawn whenever Karine and I are at work.

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Qanvast: How many IDs did you meet and what made you with i-Bridge?

D: I met up with about 8 IDs and shortlisted two firms after the second meeting. Evon stood out because she gave me the vibe that she understood what I wanted and managed to deliver what I was looking for. Furthermore, her boss joined in the discussion and it shows the level of professionalism and dedication they have to my project. I find it important that the designer should convey their understanding of my requirements in a visual manner rather than verbally agreeing what can or cannot be done.

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Qanvast: Did Evon meet your expectations?

D: Yes, she’s a really patient designer. I started my research months before key collection and we were engaged in several discussions on the house design. She spent a lot of time conceptualising the lights configurations and came out with many drafts. She would go the extra mile in finding certain materials or concepts, and she would make an effort to propose things I would like.

Upon key collection, we went down for site visit and realized that some concepts were not feasible due to the space. I thought it was a waste as Evon had spent a lot of time coming out with the designs and incorporating different and interesting mechanisms, only to have the idea scrapped at the last moment.

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I gave her challenges and pushed her to think beyond the norm instead of taking the easy way out. She truly rose up to the challenge and delivered what I wanted. I believe she had also gain experience from this project.

More importantly she was open to ideas and did not let her (lack of) experience hold her back. I have met designers who would prefer to stick to their ideas instead of embracing and changing to fit what’s best for the client.

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Qanvast: Tell us an instance where you pushed her out of her comfort zone.

D: For the bedroom, I wanted a wide and full-height mirror, which requires 2-3 panels put together based on the wall area. The joints that hold these panels together must not be obvious and I told Evon to figure how best to conceal them. She managed to do it using a simple method! I believe most designers would tell me it’s not possible, nor would they want to think deeper on how to do it.

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Qanvast: That's impressive! How would you rate their workmanship?

D: The workmanship is excellent. Evon also considered the safety needs for my children. For example, the suspended cabinet above the study table in my son’s room, perhaps some carpenters would simply mount onto the existing false wall. However, her team actually knocked/broke/cut open the area to add a wood decking as additional support in areas they were about to hammer. This ensures the stability of the cabinet since kids tend to rest their weight on them.

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