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Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio

Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio
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At a glance

  • Kee Kiat and Tricia in their early 30s, oil and gas / healthcare industry
  • Size: 92 sqm / 990 sqft
  • Location: Segar Road
  • Cost of renovation: $33,000
  • Cost of furnishing: $18,000
  • Interior design firm: VOILÀ
  • Interior designer: Edmund

Although there were a few delays in their renovation journey, this happy couple’s lovely home is a testament to how compromising is important when it comes to renovation matters and keeping everyone satisfied. Working with Edmund from VOILÀ, Tricia, who is a Zumba enthusiast, got a gorgeous glass room of her own that acts as a dance studio while Kee Kiat got to decide on the design theme of the house.

Read on to learn more about Tricia and Kee Kiat’s renovation journey.

Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio
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Qanvast: In the research stage of the pre-renovation process, were there any platforms or avenues that you found particularly useful?

Kee Kiat (KK): In terms of gaining inspiration, I prefer Qanvast. A picture tells a thousand words, so the photos were very informative.

I learnt about it from Facebook because it appeared on my feed. We found it quite interactive and informative. The Qanvast app is user-friendly because you can browse all the projects, and the information is consolidated and presented in a very simple way.

Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio
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Qanvast: What was it like working with Edmund and VOILÀ?

Tricia (T): We chose VOILÀ because we visited their showroom and were very satisfied with their carpentry work. We feel that Edmund is very approachable. Although he has his own design opinions, he still listens and value your option.

KK: So far we are quite pleased with the final product and quality of the workmanship. In terms of project management, there is room for improvement as there was some delay. Our house wasn’t quite complete when we wanted to move in in early May.

Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio
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Qanvast: Why did you choose Scandinavian as the theme for the house?

T: Kee Kiat likes it, not me. [laughs] I wanted a home that is more vibrant in colours, I find that more interesting. Scandinavian design has a lot of wood and white elements.

KK: That’s the reason why the furniture has more colours, because we compromised on that. [laughs]

Qanvast: What tips would you give to couples when it comes to compromising on renovation decisions?

KK: It is okay to speak up. I try to understand her requirements and be open to it.

T: Couples should voice their needs, and try to reach a compromise. My concerns were the electrical appliances while he cared more about the design of the house.

Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio
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Qanvast: How was your renovation journey with VOILÀ? Any suggestions on what Edmund could improve on?

KK: It would have been better if Edmund had provided more photos that showed us the renovation progress. The time management could be improved too. There was a slight delay in the project because we were hoping to move in earlier.

We were surprise that Jason, who is the boss of VOILÀ, did come down personally to collect our feedback. It was good that Jason took the initiative and gave us the assurance to provide an honest feedback on the renovation experience. At least there was a channel to voice out our concerns and unhappiness. For example, we suggested on tightening the entire renovation process with having more updates from the designer himself.

However, with that being said, after working with them I find that their jobs are not easy. They need to handle sales, create designs, manage projects, and also provide customer service; so it’s definitely not easy. Every designer has their own strengths and weaknesses, but so far we are quite satisfied with them.

Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio
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Qanvast: Any other advice for new homeowners who are going to renovate their BTO?

KK: Many new homeowners are unsure of what they want before engaging the interior designers. However, there are many platforms for homeowners to gain knowledge from, so I suggest that they look for such resources.

T: They should also start thinking about the design and layout of the house from the moment the house is purchased. We asked for the flooring and doors from HDB when we bought our flat, which thankfully matched our design theme. But some homeowners have unique design ideas, so they may need to spend extra money on a floor or door that fits their theme. Hence, planning early is important.

Also, new homeowners should take note that BTOs offer limited options for customisation except for the door and flooring, which come at additional costs.

Renovation Journey: The Dance Studio
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