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Renovation Journey: Transforming An Awkward Layout

September 2, 2015
Renovation Journey: Transforming An Awkward Layout

At A Glance

Home to Jess and spouse, HR personnel and sales engineer in their late 30s
Size: 75 sqm / 810 sq feet
Interior Designer: Jeremy
Interior Designer Firm: Dyel Design
Renovation Duration: 8 weeks
Cost of furnishings: $20,000
Cost of renovation: $30,000

In search for interior designers, the couple went through several firms and channels and found one they could work along with, and had the right attitude.

Renovation Journey: Transforming An Awkward Layout

Qanvast: How did you settle with Dyel Design?

Jess (J): We saw them in Expo when we were at the furniture fair. The designer was down-to-earth, and he was really sincere and honest. More importantly, we were comfortable with him.

Qanvast: What drew you to Qanvast?

J: The pictures in the app. It gave us a good idea on what we can do to our home. Its functions were quite primitive when I first used them but the pictures are a good source of inspiration.

Renovation Journey: Transforming An Awkward Layout

Qanvast: How was it like to work with Jeremy?

Spouse (S): There were some areas we thought Jeremy could improve. He made a few miscalculations during the space planning but he managed to solve it with some compromises made to the space. Jeremy proposed the design concept and I like the grey, cosy theme. It made the spaces feel more connected when we changed the layout from the initial floorplan.

We swapped the dining and living area, and then erected a half partition between the living room and kitchen entrance.

Renovation Journey: Transforming An Awkward Layout

Qanvast: What are some factors of consideration when you select your interior designer?

S: We are unable to tolerate designers who are not responsive and irresponsible. Once, we approached a design firm and he promised to give us the design concepts. We waited for some time and he didn’t get back to us. I told Jess I wouldn’t want to engage him even if his designs are good.

Renovation Journey: Transforming An Awkward Layout

Qanvast: Other than Qanvast, where else did you look for interior designers and how was your impression from those you met up with?

S: We spoke to Company R in one of the Expo exhibitions. I felt that they have too many young designers who tried too hard to impress us, and their dressing somewhat made me feel like they are into fashion design, rather than designing homes. On top of that, they seemed really aggressive. I wasn’t comfortable with them.

We also tried an online third-party platform for reviews, but the reviews were a little mixed, and it made us doubt what we read. We flipped magazines but its designs were limited.

Renovation Journey: Transforming An Awkward Layout

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