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Should You Get A Gas or Induction Hob?

November 3, 2017

Regardless of whether you are an avid cook or more of a takeout person, a kitchen isn't one without a cooking stove! Gas hobs have been the de facto choice for families, but technology has brought us sleek induction stoves - which are said to be more heat efficient and easier to maintain.

While both types have been head to head in popularity in recent years, which is best for your lifestyle and needs? We break down things in this guide.

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1. Heating Method

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Gas and induction stoves use inherently different types of heating methods. Like its namesake, a gas cook-top when ignited provides immediate heat in the form of an open flame. Temperatures and the size of the flame are adjusted using dials.

Check Out: Electrolux EHC726BA Induction Hob, $1,299 on Lazada

Gas Induction Stove Kitchen Hob Cooking


This highly rated induction stove from Electrolux comes with a whole host of nifty functions - including auto safety heat cut-off, child locks and individual Residual Heat Indicators to let users know which spots are still hot.

On the other hand, induction tops use electromagnetic currents to generate heat onto the cookware. No flame is involved here; instead, when the magnetic material of your cookware comes into contact with the electromagnetic field produced by the induction stove, thermal heat is produced.

So, what differences do the two methods provide? Induction cooking allows high precision and control over the amount of heat - sometimes down to the nearest degree Celsius compared to gas hobs. However, gas provides more flexibility in terms of cooking styles - induction stoves cannot pull off methods that require charring or wok stir frying.

2. Cookware Compatibility

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Interior Firm: Ascend Design

One of the biggest downsides to having an induction stove is the limited amount of cookware it is compatible with. Pots and pans should be made of a magnetic material (like steel or iron) for it to work - which means glass, aluminium and copper pots are out.

Plus, your induction stove is a flat surface, which means your cookware will need to be flat in order to keep things balanced and heating even (no woks, then). Even ring size plays a part. The size of the base of your cookware should ideally be almost the same size, otherwise the base would not be able to capture heat effectively.

Check Out: SMEG 70cm Contemporary 3-Burner Gas Hob, $899 from Lazada

Gas Induction Stove Kitchen Hob Cooking


Not just a purveyor of paddle pop retro fridges, SMEG's 3-burner gas hob is big in power. Users have especially raved about its strong burning flame and quality, long lasting frame.

What about gas hobs? Don't worry about them - they can work with virtually any type of cookware, and it's protruding grips makes it easy to secure rounded and flat bases alike.

3. Energy Efficiency and Consumption

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Unfortunately, while gas cook-tops offer more powerful heating, they aren't exactly the most efficient. Gas types generally only convert 38% of their total energy to heating up. Meanwhile, induction types channel 80 – 90% of their electromagnetic energy for heating. Yet, as a whole, induction stoves consume more electricity than typical gas versions (due to its electromagnetic elements).

4. Cost

As with any newfangled technology, induction hobs are usually pricier than the traditional gas hobs, though costs are steadily dropping with growing demand. These days, a gas hob could set you back anywhere from S$200 - $1,000, while an induction hob S$700 - $2,800.

Check Out: Tecno T333TG 90cm 3-Burner Glass Gas Hob, $478 on Lazada

Gas Induction Stove Kitchen Hob Cooking


Decently priced, the Tecno T333TG definitely delivers more than its worth, with a lifetime warranty on its sleek, stylish black glass frame - which users have noted is surprisingly easy to clean!

5. Design

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Interior Firm: erstudio

Ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference, but the clear winner in the looks category is definitely the induction hob. Smooth, glossy and free from unnecessary knobs or protruding edges (unlike bulky, gritty-looking gas stoves), induction types lend a minimalist air that seamlessly fit into any kitchen countertop or style.

Check Out: EF 3-Burner Stainless Cast Iron Steel Gas Hob, $319.99 on Lazada

Gas Induction Stove Kitchen Hob Cooking


That isn't to say gas hobs are totally unstylish. For those who are afraid of shattering tempered glass (yes, it happens), this brushed steel gas hob from EF is a sleek alternative to consider.

6. Maintenance

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Interior Firm: Third Paragraph

Likewise, the design of gas hobs makes it harder to clean, compared to inductions made of tempered glass. If you're getting a steel gas hob, you will need to be careful with scrubbing and cleaning as it may leave scratches. It's protruding rings for gripping cookware and recesses also makes it especially easy for dirt and stray food scraps to be trapped within - and equally hard to get rid of.

Check Out: Teka IQS 633 E-inox Finish Induction Hob, $2,399 on Lazada

Gas Induction Stove Kitchen Hob Cooking


Set in a clean, white beveled glass with metallic finish, the multi-functional 3-ring Teka induction hob comes with individual heat programming, and is a seamless complement to whitewashed kitchen styles.

Here's where the flat surface of an induction stove shines - no hidden crevices, an easy-to wipe surface area that leaves no chance for dirt to get caught in.

7. Safety

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Most gas stoves with its highly dangerous open flames are still stuck with the analog, twist-dial ignition mechanism, which can be highly risky if you have curious kids about. Alternatively, induction systems are safer than gas by leaps and bounds. Some models have an auto-power off option when the pan is removed from the surface; others come with smart timer systems that allow you to step away with ease. Plus, the nature of induction hobs means the surface can be cooled down in seconds.

Check Out: Rinnai RB-3002H-CB 30cm Domino Induction Hob, $699 on Lazada

Gas Induction Stove Kitchen Hob Cooking


Great for tiny spaces, this practical, two-ring induction stove comes with all the right essentials for safety - child locks and an Auto Pan Recognition Sensor that detects and only heats up only the cookware area that's in contact with the stove.

So which should you get?

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Interior Firm: 9 Creation

Choosing the right type of kitchen hob is a combination of your cooking style, frequency, household and personal style. Here, we check out the best type for different kinds of needs:

If you are a foodie/Masterchef in the making...

A gas stove provides you unlimited flexibility in terms of cooking methods, firepower and cookware.

If you cook regularly for the family...

You'll need something heavy duty and cost-efficient. Gas stoves are affordable, don't take as much electricity (as induction stoves), and can easily reach high heats for quick cooking.

If you are a low-maintenance, takeaway meal person...

An induction stove won't cramp your style, is sufficient for your needs (or lack thereof) and is a breeze to clean. Basically, keeping things simple for a space that isn't much of a priority to you.

If you are a multi-tasker with kids

It may be good to invest in a child-friendly induction stove if you have curious tots to juggle with. Besides, its easy-to-maintain design, fuss-free operation (and smart functions for some) is the perfect relief for time-stretched individuals with no time to pay too much attention on cooking.

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