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Small Bedroom? Try These Super Space-Saving Ideas/Tricks!

August 11, 2020

To help you squeeze in more than just a bed and dresser.

Not everyone is blessed with a generous bedroom space. Even so, it should be more than just a lonely bed squashed into a corner. And it can be – provided that you think about how you’re going to use your space.

Buangkok Link by Jialux Interior

Interior Firm: Jialux Interior

In fact, we have creative real-life solutions to help you get started. Take a look at how these homes incorporated clever layout and furnishing ideas to optimise every square inch!

1. The bed is the bulkiest furniture in the room. That’s why we recommend swapping out your clunkier bedframe. Case in point: This sleep area is demarcated with a pop of restful blue. The homeowners get even more mileage out of this layout with a built-in underbed storage.

Henderson Road by Adroit ID

Interior Firm: Adroit ID

2. A murphy bed works great in a small bedroom, but you know what’s even better? Pull-out storage underbed! The raised platform feature takes on a new look here. Making full use of the ceiling height, it’s elevated to fit several miniature “wardrobes” for storage, putting regular storage bedframes to shame. This works best if you have a really compact space, and a tall ceiling height.

Skywood by Authors • Interior & Styling

3. Built-ins take up space. But rather than leaving them as a bulky block in the corner, you can make them blend in. Take cues from this bedroom for instance. The carpentry mirrors the look of the surrounding walls of black and wood. Its seamless appeal makes it all the more spacious looking.

Buangkok Link by Jialux Interior

Interior Firm: Jialux Interior

4. Lofting your bed? Here’s a more functional approach. Carve out areas for seating, build in a desk and invest in a projector. This way, your bedroom can double as a workspace as well as an additional entertainment centre. This idea can be replicated for your kid’s room.

The Poiz Residences by Urban Home Design 二本設計家
The Poiz Residences by Urban Home Design 二本設計家

5. If you are only going to spend 1/3 of a day in the bedroom, why not learn from the Japanese – forgo the idea of a bulky mattress and bedframe, and convert the bedroom into a multi-functional space.

Sol Acres by Happe Design Atelier

Interior Firm: Happe Design Atelier

Sol Acres by Happe Design Atelier

6. Thanks to its lofted design, this two-in-one bedroom boasts plenty of space for both a sleep area as well as a “walk-in wardrobe”. Keep the area well-lit with track lights, and you’ll find that getting dressed for the day has never been so easy!

Riverbank @ Fernvale by Fineline Design

Interior Firm: Fineline Design

Riverbank @ Fernvale by Fineline Design

7. This one’s for the beauty junkie – double your vanity space by concealing a vanity within your vanity. Peep this example. The mirror box-up opens to reveal another set of shelves for you to store your favourites. Getting done up for the day will be much more efficient because everything’s within reach!

space saving ideas for bedroom singapore

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

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