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Smart Designs For Small Spaces In Singapore Homes

December 23, 2014

One moment you see it and the next you don't. Ingenuity is the name of the game when it comes to concealed furnishings, installed by owners who are wanting to make the most of space in homes that are getting increasingly smaller, or simply to create a more streamlined look and conceal clutter.

From the dining area, kitchen to walk-in wardrobe, here are five homes with ingenenious furnishing solutions you can emulate.

1. Tuck away dining table

Where the dining table is usually the large centrepiece of the living/dining room, this owner has cleverly created more space by having one attached to the wall, that can be folded away when not in use.


Interior Designer: LU+C Studio
Location: Stevens Road (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $15,000

2. Sliding drawers, hidden panels

Cluttered kitchens are common, but it is messy no more for this one as ledges slide out to reveal more space for preparing food, but can be withdrawn when not in use.


Interior Designer: Architology Interiors
Location: Woollerton Park (condo)

One would think that there was only the bedroom – until a panel, which looks just like any other feature wall, slides aside to reveal an entire study. A great way to share the study area with your family members.


Interior Designer: The Design Practice
Location: Joo Chiat (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $85,000

3. Hidden in Plain Sight

This home took open concept to a whole new level with a concealed kitchen and closet that opens up like a 3D greeting card. The amazing 'pop-up' kitchen even has a dining table that is attached to the door. When the doors are all closed, it looks like any other normal closet.


Interior Designer: The Association
Location: Balestier (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $30,000

Sleek and streamlined, one would have thought it was a feature wall behind the dining table, until you take a closer look and realise there are doors, subtly incorporated into the overall design, that open into rooms. The layer of visual interest visually enlarges the length of the room.


Interior Designer: The Design Practice
Location: Toa Payoh (condo)
Cost of renovation for entire house: $35,000

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