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Spending More Time at Home? Try Scenting Up Your Space!

January 30, 2021 · Paid Partnership with Pristine Aroma

Make WFH more enjoyable.

It’s pretty much safe to say that remote work is here to stay in 2021. And with people spending more time at home these days, many are turning to home fragrances as more than just a form of therapy – but to breathe life into their living environments. Having the right scent creates a calming ambience for your home, and helps you to unwind after a long day of work.

home fragrances scent up space

So, why not elevate your WFH routine with some feel-good vibes in the form of a pleasing aroma? When it comes to aromatherapy, no one knows it best than the folks from Pristine Aroma. Home to a unique selection of reed diffusers, it’s a simple and effective way to refresh your space (and your mood). Not to mention diffusers are safer and last longer than an ordinary candle, which means your house will smell fresh all day long.

Whether you fancy relaxing scents like lavender or something more invigorating like lemon, there’s sure to be a signature scent for you on this list. We sniffed out some of the best selections from Pristine Aroma, and included a giveaway for you!

1. Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser, $23.90

Best for: those who like warm, unisex scents

home fragrances scent up space

If you’re new to home fragrances, start with the Himalayan Tea scent – which is Pristine Aroma’s first ever signature scent thanks to its universal appeal. Made with an elegant medley of citrus and woody tones, it has a slight masculine edge that balances out the sweet floral base notes of rose and jasmine very nicely. The result is a classy and sophisticated scent that is incredibly versatile, and is well-loved by both men and women. It’s what we’d think a chic, modern apartment would smell like: clean, fresh and inviting. And honestly, how can you go wrong with that?

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2. Lavender Reed Diffuser, $19.90

Best for: those who like calm, soothing scents

home fragrances scent up space

There’s a lot to love about this delightful floral scent. Lavender is known for its calming properties that help to ease stress and anxiety, all while promoting sleep and relaxation. So for those who are tired of counting flocks of sheep every night, placing a lavender-scented diffuser in your bedroom might just help you to drift off into a peaceful slumber and improve your overall quality of sleep. It’s also said to alleviate insomnia symptoms and restlessness!

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3. Lemon & Citronella Reed Diffuser, $17.90

Best for: those who like zesty citrus scents

home fragrances scent up space

Feeling that mid-afternoon slump? This perky scent might just do the trick if your home office situation needs a little pick-me-up. With its understated musky and woody undertones, lemon and citronella can actually help you to become more alert and boost productivity. Citrus also does wonders in eliminating food smells, which makes it suited for the kitchen and dining room. Bonus? It boasts antimicrobial effects and actually works as an ideal insect repellent too!

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Update on 21 Jun 2022: The Lemon & Citronella Reed Diffuser has since been discontinued. For something similar, consider the Lemongrass Reed Diffuser ($19.90) instead.

4. Hilton Reed Diffuser, $19.90

Best for: those who like fresh floral scents

home fragrances scent up space

Step one to making your home smell like a high-end hotel? Take a whiff of this fragrance right here. Inspired by our very own Hilton Hotels, it has a refined mix of raspberry, rose and white flowers that gives it a classic floral vibe, but with a hint of woody, spicy and green touches so that it’s not overly sweet. This subtle yet luxurious combination helps to set the tone and create a welcoming atmosphere at home, especially in the living room – which is what makes the first impression and the place you tend to spend the most time in.

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Update on 21 Jun 2022: The Hilton Reed Diffuser has since been discontinued. For something similar, consider the Swiss Château Reed Diffuser ($21.90) instead.

5. Ritz-Carlton Reed Diffuser, $19.90

Best for: those who like sweet and romantic scents

home fragrances scent up space

If there’s anything better than freshly baked cookies right out of the oven, it’s this delicious concoction. Taking aroma cues from the Ritz Carlton, this vanilla-infused fragrance hits the sweet spot with its intoxicating blend of hoary stock, cape jasmine and violet. It starts off with light fruity touches, but dries down to a soft, feminine scent that provides just the right amount of warmth and cosiness – just imagine being wrapped in a warm fuzzy, blanket on a chilly day! It’s the perfect scent for romantic evenings and date nights at home.

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Update on 21 Jun 2022: The Ritz Carlton Reed Diffuser has since been discontinued. For something similar, consider the English Country Inn Reed Diffuser ($21.90) instead.

Giveaway: Pristine Aroma’s range of aroma diffusers

home fragrances scent up space

Infusing your home with a unique fragrance not only helps to elevate the space, but also creates a truly multi-sensory experience that rejuvenates your mind and spirit. To help you kickstart the year on a refreshing note, Pristine Aroma will be giving away 8 sets of their signature 4-pack hotel reed diffuser bundle packs (worth $80 each) to 8 lucky winners – just in time to freshen up your home for CNY!

To participate, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Follow @pristine.aroma and @qanvast on Instagram
  2. Like this giveaway post
  3. Repost the giveaway post on your IG Stories

Winners will be selected on 8 February 2021. Good luck!

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