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Start Securing Your Home Today by … Throwing Away the Keys?

You have just reached home after a long day at work but getting indoors is out of the question – your keys are still on your office desk.

That, or you have dropped them somewhere on the way back.

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If you have found yourself in such a situation more than once, perhaps it’s time to consider going keyless with digital locks.

Aside from providing homeowners with extra security, these new-age devices also come with a variety of features that are designed to make leaving and entering your home less of a hassle.

Multiple ‘guaranteed’ modes of entry

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Other than never losing your keys again, the biggest advantage of ditching them in favour of a digital lock is that you’ll get access to more convenient methods of entering your home.

Most models on the market come with either one or more of these entry modes: Smart cards, fingerprint detection, and PIN codes – all of which don’t involve carrying around a small and rather forgettable piece of metal.

Instead, these entry methods make use of items that are already with you, namely your wallet, hands, and brain. As such, it’s safe to say that you’ll always be able to enter your home with a digital lock.

Extra security – both physically…

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As cutting edge as they may be, digital locks do share some similarities with their less high-tech predecessors, or more specifically, their inner mechanisms.

Most locks that you find installed in local homes feature a mortise design, which makes use of a rectangular pocket as well as a piece of metal that retracts (when unlocked) and extends (when locked) to secure your front door.

This in turn ensures that your home is extra-secure, thanks to the thick metallic block standing in the way of any attempts at forced intrusion.

… and digitally.

They may look similar, and even function similarly, but it’s important to note that digital locks aren’t digital smart locks.

So, what’s the difference then?

Unlike their smart cousins, digital locks don’t integrate with smart technology, i.e., they don’t connect to the Internet. In contrast, digital locks work by using advanced encryption technology, thus reducing the likelihood of Wi-Fi hacking taking place.

A competitive solution

Priced from SGD $599 to $849, depending on model, Häfele’s new digital locks – the ER4600, EL7200, EL7700, and EL9500 – don’t seem to have much to crow about in the pricing department at first glance. But look closer and you’ll quickly realise that they are in fact a competitively-priced security solution.

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Differentiating on value rather than price, the German-based home hardware manufacturer’s digital locks cater to a broad range of needs and purposes via their unique features.

Take for instance, the specialised ER4600 and its convenient automatic locking function. Rather than securing your home’s main door, the ER4600 is instead designed to secure external metal gates, which means you’ll only ever need to secure one of them if you’re leaving home only for a short period of time.

Topping it all off, installation is free for every purchase of Häfele’s new locks. Plus, select models even come with mechanical keys – but you won’t be needing those now, will you?

Smart Solutions for Your Home

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A home is more than just aesthetics. Bringing functionality and ergonomics to everyday life, Häfele is a leading manufacturer of furniture fittings, architectural hardware and electronic access control systems, serving the furniture and construction industry in over 150 countries around the world.

Constantly innovating to develop smarter storage/organization solutions for greater convenience, experience Häfele’s offerings at its Kaki Bukit showroom where you can see their latest digital locks in action.

For more information about how Häfele can help secure your home and/or workplace, visit Häfele’s website to view its complete range of digital locks.

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