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Steigen Indoor Laundry System Dries Your Clothes 8x Faster!

January 26, 2021 · Paid Partnership with Steigen

A must-have appliance for homes with small yards and poor ventilation.

automated laundry drying system Steigen

Rainy days might be a relief from Singapore’s typically warm weather, but it’s also a nightmare when it comes to doing your laundry. First, there’s the downpour which might cause you to scramble for your sopping wet laundry if you dry them outdoors, then there’s the high humidity which will leave a musty stench on your clothes even after they dry. And, it never helps if you’re living in a typical BTO setting with a cramped service yard where there’s insufficient sunlight and ventilation issues.

Fortunately, we’ve got the answer to all of your laundry woes. With Steigen’s range of automated laundry drying systems, you can rest assured that your garments will be fresh, clean and odourless – even on days when the sun doesn’t shine. Here’s why:

1. It comes with built-in solar heaters to dry clothes faster

automated laundry drying system Steigen

Image credit: Leanne Low

You no longer have to wait hours for your laundry to dry on rainy days because the Solar Alpha is capable of drying your clothes about 8 times faster (or in approximately 90 minutes)* than a natural outdoor breeze.

As the latest model in Steigen's lineup, the Solar Alpha is a powerhouse that also comes with solar heaters and wider ventilators for more effective drying. Apart from fast drying performance, the Solar Alpha also has an advanced heating system that runs up to 60°C (that’s 10°C higher than the other Steigen systems), which is said to be the optimum temperature to kill off bacteria.

automated laundry drying system Steigen

What’s even more impressive about this drying method, which is unique to the Steigen Solar series, is that it doesn’t emit harmful UV rays which might cause fading or damage to delicate fabrics. Of course, this UV-less feature also makes the Solar Alpha a much safer choice for families. Coupled with its fabric care technology, including the Ioniser and Dust Mite Repeller functions, you’ll get a softer, fluffier and more hygienic load of finished laundry.

2. It eliminates bacteria, odour and dust mites

automated laundry drying system Steigen

If you have allergy-prone family members, Steigen’s Solar Alpha and Solar Ultra are equipped with an inbuilt Ioniser that keeps airborne nasties such as pollen, animal shed and house dust at bay, while minimising any musty odours.

If that isn’t enough to impress, the two appliances also double up on dust mite control with a Dust Mite Repeller, which creates ultrasonic waves that prevent dust mites from breeding. Farewell unwelcome bedfellows!

3. Its space-saving design is perfect for small yards

If you struggle with space constraints at home, the Solar Mini might just be the laundry system you’re looking for. As its name suggests, it’s a compact version of the Solar series which makes it great for shoebox units.

automated laundry drying system Steigen

But don’t let its size fool you; the Solar Mini boasts a capacity of up to 35kg, which is equivalent to two full loads of washing, so it’s perfectly capable of heavy-duty usage. It also comes with extendable poles to accommodate larger items, like king-sized bedsheets, which can be retracted when not in use.

4. It is easy to use

Thanks to its advanced German-engineered system, Steigen’s drying racks can be easily lowered to a comfortable height for better accessibility at the touch of a button – a useful feature for any elderly folks who struggle with heavy laundry.

automated laundry drying system Steigen

Besides the wireless remote, you also have the option of controlling the Steigen systems via your smartphone. Simply sync the system to the Steigen Home app, and you can have full ease of control right in the palm of your hand. Getting your laundry done is literally just a tap away!

Upgrade your yard with Steigen’s indoor laundry systems!

automated laundry drying system Steigen

Steigen’s humble range of automated laundry drying systems is designed to make your life much easier – while saving you time, effort and space. And with Chinese New Year right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your home a smart upgrade.

As part of Steigen’s festive promotions, use the promotion code CNY88 to enjoy $88 off all Steigen products, or CNY108 to get $108 off on Solar’s limited edition Cherry Blossom colour. The promotion runs from 26 January to 10 February 2021, applicable on both in-stores and online. Find out more at

*Based on spin-dried cotton T-shirts and jeans in normal weather.

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