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Step Up Your Home Hygiene Game With Antimicrobial Laminates

December 30, 2020 · Paid Partnership with Formica Group

For around-the-clock protection at home.

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we live. For most, if not all of us, hygiene is definitely something to be worried about when it comes to renovating our spaces, especially for families with children where safety is a top priority. From bacteria-resistant materials to easy-to-clean surfaces, many are finding ways to keep their homes well-sanitised and free of germs.

That’s where Formica Protec+® comes in. Touted as an innovative surface that is effective in curbing the growth of bacteria and fungi, this certified antimicrobial collection is about to turn your home into a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic environment for all. Here’s how it works!

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

1. 24/7 antimicrobial protection to eliminate bacteria effectively

Protec+® certainly lives up to its name. Thanks to its revolutionary silver technology, your surfaces are now equipped with around-the-clock protection against a wide spectrum of microbes, which may lead to unpleasant stains, odours and diseases – bacteria, fungi, mildew, mould and even viruses.

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

It’s said to be the most effective and safest antimicrobial treatment in the market, which works by releasing silver ions to minimise the potentially harmful effects of bacteria and fungi. In fact, it’s so effective that it’s proven to reduce up to 99% of microbes within a mere two hours! This makes it great for usage on high-traffic areas such as your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, where all the nasties tend to thrive and accumulate.

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

2. Helps to prevent the risks of cross-contamination

Here’s a little-known fact: did you know that home textiles are often a breeding ground for bacteria growth? Touching towels and even bedsheets, and then coming into contact with regularly-handled surfaces like your doors, desks and cabinets can actually lead to unintentional bacterial transmission. Germs can also sneak their way in from outside, especially if you have the habit of going home without showering or changing your clothes. Yikes!

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

Besides proper hand-washing, Protec+® also provides an extra level of hygiene protection to keep bacteria and fungi at bay, while helping to reduce the risks of cross-contamination. With proper maintenance, its antimicrobial performance is sure to last for the expected lifespan of the treated surface, which means you and your family will be protected for a lifetime!

One thing to take note is that while the laminate is a fairly robust material, it’s important to make sure that the surface isn’t exposed to harsh elements that might cause damage, scratches or excessive wear and tear to ensure optimum performance.

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

3. Stylish matte finish to avoid fingerprint marks

We know, it’s annoying having to deal with unsightly fingerprints and smudges all the time. Instead of wiping down your cabinetry after every use, here’s a more practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to solve your fingerprint woes. Apart from its 24/7 antimicrobial abilities, Protec+® comes in a soft matte finish that will make grease marks less visible as compared to your usual polished surfaces.

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

What’s more, these ultra-sleek laminates offer a chic and contemporary look that will complement any decor – and it’s available in a variety of shades and textures so you’re sure to find something that fits your desired interior theme. From solid statement colours to rustic wood grain patterns, your dream home is just a (laminate) application away!

Protect your home with Formica Protec+®!

Formica antimicrobial laminate surfaces

At the end of the day, home is where the hygiene is. So why not step up your hygiene game with a material that does it all for you? Durable, easy to maintain and stunningly beautiful, the Protec+® laminates will make cleaning your home a less stressful and more pleasant experience. Find out more about Formica Protec+® here.

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