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Style Guides: Making Your Home Feel Brand New

April 6, 2015

Personal home design style doesn’t necessarily involve massive renovation. Stylish and decorative touches can reflect your personality and strike up a conversation.

Here are some ways to master the mix with STYLODECO.

1. Dining Space: Your Own Supper Club

Style Secret: Update your “regular” kitchen and transform it by adding kitchen accessories that Nigella would be proud to endorse. This can be as simple as mixing up your plates, utensils, and just about everything else in the kitchen.

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(Clockwise from L to R: bamboo salad bowl, cups, bamboo salad servers, drink champagne napkins, bamboo tray, round cutting board)

Test it: Toss out your metal cutleries and replace them with curated ceramic or wooden spoons. Then toss in a beautiful bamboo salad set or bright coloured napkins and cushions to delight dinner guests. Did we mention that piecing together brand new dining accessories can be a lot of fun too?

2. Lights: In the Mood for Love

Style Secret: Have you ever wondered why every movie scene looks so good? The answer is simple – it’s all about lighting. There is an art and science to creating the perfect lighting in your home. With smart use of ambient lights, you too can create a mood in your living room, that is as perfect as a Frank Sinatra tune.

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(Clockwise from L to R: lantern Tahiti, lantern Cubix lantern Sahara, tealight ceramic bronze with star, candlesticks Aiko stoneware, candlestick gold)

Test it: Bring in an eclectic mix of lanterns that are made out of wood, paper or glass. Floor lanterns are great alternative statement piece for the balcony or any part of the house. Or, use lamps and candles to set a mood by playing with its light and shadow to sculpt the space around you.

3. Art Pieces: Andy Warhol Wannabe

Style Secret: Here’s a home decorating secret - art pieces are more than just aesthetically pleasing, they are a fantastic way to disguise a room’s shortcomings. Reshuffle the rulebook by filling up your wall space or floor with a quirky mix of objects you love (and your guests will adore).

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(Clockwise from L to R: bowl Lux brass, vase Alberte, bottle copper, mirror Bolina, pear apple, decorative feathers Alina)

Test it: Begin by slowly adding a few objects at a time as you experiment with your style. Throw in a mirror, a vase, some decorative accents or other elements that reflect your personality. Having the right balance is the key to an inspired living space.

4. Gifts: Jingle All The Way

Style Secret: Decorating your home doesn’t only have to be for Christmas. Nor does giving gifts have to be reserved exclusively for birthdays, anniversaries and house warming parties. There’s nothing that puts a smile on someone’s face, like a thoughtful gift for their home.

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(Clockwise from L to R: star ceramic white, cushion cover peony, clipboard big thoughts for ideas, black star paper 9 points, jewellery box brass copper, tealight porcelain white snowflake)

Test it: Been invited over to a friend’s place for dinner? Bringing a of bottle of wine might be getting too parse. Instead, surprise them with handpicked home décor gifts. Surely everybody can do with more home accessories to liven up their household.

STYLODECO, inspired by the Singlish word 'Stylomilo' (meaning stylish and fashionable), offers fashionable home decor accessories and furniture at reasonable prices. Our products are carefully curated from around the world. STYLODECO is a passion for casual elegant interiors that is reflected in our products - minimalist design, raw materials, pure lines, soft colours, comfortable fabrics and harmonious tone. We are based in Singapore and ship to 11 countries in Asia. Shop online at www.stylodeco.com

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