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Take Me Home, Country Road

March 30, 2015

Respite is hard to find in our concrete jungle, Singapore. Often times, it is our homes where we go to, to recharge and find refuge from the hustle of city life. What could then be better, to go back to a home that is designed to embody the serene calm, typically found away from cities.

Clean white interiors with wainscoting panels are synomyous traits of the country style décor. In this home in Simei, the interior designer contemporise the look with modern and retro furnishings without losing the country charm.

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Large casual decorative pieces were thrown in to add a little flavour to the living room.

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Due to the lack of natural light permeation, a mirror and a large pendant lamp are strategically placed to brighten up the dim dining corner. Great for hours of family conversation.

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The kitchen took on a monochrome theme, with easy-to-clean materials for the flooring and backsplash. The look is all about being cosy, and cove lighting is used instead of typical filament bulbs or track lightings.

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The master bedroom exudes a sense of continuity and tranquility in a clutter-free space. Eschewed of excessive furnishings and electrical wiring, the place resembles a private sanctuary to retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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Interior Designer: The Association

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