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The 15-minute Guide To A Faster Internet

February 3, 2016
The 15-minute Guide To A Faster Internet

With Netflix officially in Singapore, have you gotten yourself a fast and stable broadband connection to binge-watch some of the most popular drama and movies? If you are unsure of how you can optimise your broadband at home, we have compiled some quick tips on how to boost your broadband speed in the next fifteen minutes for you to enjoy a pleasant streaming experience:

1. Resetting Your Router

A router is essentially like a computer as it has its own software so if you have not switched off your router in the past few months, rebooting your router might help to fix minor performance issues. Alternatively, you can check if your router has a new firmware upgrade available which could help to boost the performance.

The 15-minute Guide To A Faster Internet

2. Getting Around Interference

You will be surprised at the number of surrounding devices that are actually interfering with your wireless speeds. These may include your neighbours’ wireless routers, microwave ovens, cordless phones or even older Bluetooth devices. Shifting your router away from mirrors and fish tanks will prevent the signal from being reflected which generally helps to increase your Internet speeds.

Another quick solution is to buy yourself a range-extender. They are reasonably affordable and will help you get around those pesky concrete or plaster walls. Or, place your router in the centre of your home, on a higher area.

3. Try To Use Ethernet Instead Of Wi-Fi

Whip out that Cat6 LAN cable and hardwire your device. You will not only get faster Internet speeds, but also eliminate any interference from the wireless devices at home. This is especially useful for certain tasks like gaming or important Skype calls.

4. Clean Up Your Computer

This includes everything from Malware to operating system applications that are running in the background. A quick spring-cleaning of such bandwidth hogs will leave your computer running at optimal performance.

Is your Internet still feeling sluggish? M1 fibre broadband might just be the right solution for you! Not only do their fibre broadband plans come with a low latency connection, you also get to enjoy unlimited bandwidth with their symmetric upload and download speeds for a faster and smoother streaming experience. Subscribe to any 24 months M1 Fibre Broadband plan on and you receive a complimentary WMF cutlery set worth $129 (while stocks last)!

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