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The Best 4K TVs of 2017, For Every Budget

August 11, 2017

Oh TVs: Love them or loathe them, one thing’s for sure. Television shopping has become a consummate science - with countless models coming up every season and all sorts of audiovisual specs to know - where do you start looking? Here, that’s where. We’ve done the homework, processed the hard, technical stuff for you, and rounded up the best 4K television models in 2017 that won’t disappoint - whatever your budget.

TV Standards in 2017

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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The world of television sets is constantly evolving. Standards change every couple years; and TV models frequently run obsolete after a period of time (remember 3D TVs?). We can’t recommend you a television model that’s guaranteed to stay relevant for years. But, here are the standards to look out for in 2017 when picking a quality TV set:

1. 4K (UHD) Resolution: Because high-definition isn’t enough, ultra high definition (UHD) TV models have been gaining popularity with their crystal clear, 3840 X 2160 pixel resolution, 4 times more clearer than Full HD screens (at 1920 X 1080).

2. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Content Support: Two major standards exist - HDR10 or Dolby Vision. Basically HDR Support just means displays on TVs can depict more colours and gradients than the normal dynamic range.

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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3. Wifi Connectivity & Online Streaming: Most TV models today also feature wifi connectivity and have their own in-built web browsers or online widgets to incorporate other streaming programmes such as Netflix or Youtube.

4. OLED (Organic LED) Screens: Have recently shown up strong on the market, with clearer picture quality and better colouring, due to individual light emitting diodes (LEDs) producing light and colour at the same time. However, this technology is pretty costly, and LG and Sony are the only two brands to offer OLED TV screens.

What TV Size Should I Get?

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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That depends on how far you’d like to place your sofa or watch the TV from! As a rule of thumb, the further away your sofa, the larger the TV screen. Your TV screen size should be 1.2 to 1.6 times the distance between your sofa and the screen.

For instance, if you’re planning to put it 1.5m away from the screen, a TV size of 37” to 52” should suffice.

Best TV Models:

1. LG OLED C7 Series: The Best TV Splurge You’d Ever Make

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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Available in: 55" and 65"

OLED TVs don’t come cheap in general, which is why LG’s C7 series comes as a surprisingly affordable option for the range. Starting from a more realistic $3,600, the C7 series offers exceptional video quality with its 4K resolution, richer colour tones and perfect black-and-white contrast, thanks to its vivid OLED functionality.

However, while the TV range comes armed with Dolby Vision and Atmos support for quality visuals and sound, sound quality was only passable, on par with most LED screens But, despite it’s thin, almost paper like thickness of merely 5 cm, the C7 still manages to squeeze in 4 HDMI ports for you to plug up your Playstation, Xbox or UHD player.

What We Love:

  • Superb video quality at an affordable price point for an OLED screen
  • Ultra Thin, Sleek Body
  • Accurate, vibrant colour with excellent black contrasts.

What We Didn't:

  • Longer lag time - not a suitable screen for professional gamers
  • Unimpressive sound quality
  • Still relatively costly compared to normal LED models.

Video: 4.5/5 | Sound: 4/5 | Price: 4/5

Buy Now: 55" | 65" on Lazada

2. Samsung QLED Q7F Series: The Best TV For The Colour Obsessed

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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Available in: 55”, 65”, 75”

It’s easy to confuse Samsung’s flagship QLED technology with OLED TVs. However, while OLEDs’ pixels each produce its own colour and light, Samsung’s QLED technology is essentially an LED panel, made advanced with the brands’ flagship Quantum Dots technology - nanoparticles included to help produce more precise colour.

A device made for the colour sensitive, the Q7 - starting at $3,600 boasts the widest colour range, saturation and contrast. While it still can’t beat the perfect black contrast that OLEDs provide, it makes up for it with vivid colouring, as well as a couple of nifty features including a Smart Hub browser. Unfortunately, sound quality is normal, and users have noted dim brightness levels, as well as colour and visual distortions when watched from an angle.

What We Loved:

  • A contrast level that’s almost on part to OLED models
  • Wide and accurate colour range
  • Vibrant and saturated colouring

What We Didn't:

  • The misleading QLED term - it’s just an LED TV.
  • Sound quality can be better for a flagship model
  • High end, but not as justifiable a price tag considering it's not OLED.

Video: 4/5 | Sound: 4/5 | Price: 3.5/5

Buy Now: 55" | 65" | 75" on Lazada

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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Best 4K TVs of 2017
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Available in: 43", 49", 55"

Sony’s X8000e series starting from $1,899, is jam packed with decent quality features for all the latest in technology. It comes with 4K resolution, is HDR compatible, and has a built-in Android platform that lets you download apps via Google Play. The X8000e also features Motionflow technology, which keeps fast-moving video frames seamlessly smooth by inserting ‘extra’ computed frames to complete any gaps - making for a crisp, clear resolution overall.

Sound quality has been noted to be decent for a TV of such price range, thanks to the x8000e’s Clearaudio+ and Cinematic Force Front Surround sound system that delivers clear, balanced sound free from flattening or thumping noises. However, wifi connectivity seems sketchy sometimes, and users have raised concerns over its long response time, especially for remote controls and connecting ports.

What We Loved:

  • It’s all-in-one funtionality
  • Clear resolution for video
  • Ample features that make its affordable price more value for money.

What We Didn’t:

  • Slow response to remote control buttons or toggling between different connecting ports.
  • Weak wifi connectivity

Video: 3.5/5 | Sound: 4/5 | Price: 4.5/5

Buy Now: 43" | 49" | 55" on Lazada

4. Samsung MU6300 Series 6: The Best Big-Brand Curved TV Model (For Less)

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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Available In: 49", 55", 65"

If you’re feeling a bit iffy about investing in a cheaper, albeit unknown brand as your TV, big brands like Samsung still do offer decent 4K television models at a lower-end price range. One example? The MU6300 series. Starting from $1,699 for a 49” model, the curved TV offers the usual 4K, HDR, web browser elements, alongside special perks like Auto Depth Enhancement, which should complement the immersive, curved TV design well.

The only difference? It doesn’t have any standout features in terms of video clarity, colour or sound quality. Contrast is decent, save for drawbacks like low brightness, which makes it hard to counter reflections on sunny days. Likewise, angle and colour distortions may pose an issue on the MU6300 - if you’re watching from a sharp angle. Sound quality is also on par with most TV models, but not exceptionally outstanding.

What We Love:

  • Decent quality for video and sound all around
  • Fast lag time, making it good for games
  • Has most flagship features, without the extravagant price

What We Didn’t:

  • Heavy colour and video distortion on angles
  • Low brightness makes it unsuitable for sunny areas

Video: 4/5 | Sound: 3.5/5 | Price: 3.5/5

Buy Now: 49" | 55" | 65" on Lazada

5. Hisense K3300UW: The Best Rated Budget-Friendly Pick

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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Available in: 49", 55", 65"

While it’s not the first brand you would think about when buying TVs, it might just be your last! If the surprisingly affordable price tag hasn’t shocked you enough ($899 for a 55” inch?) Hisense’s positive reviews all around will seriously get you considering. Yes, it may be an entry level 4K TV offering, but many have raved about it’s picture clarity, vividness and sharpness that’s on par with most big brands like LG or Samsung.

Plus, it has got all the bells and whistles that other comparable (and often expensive) counterparts have too. Wifi connectivity and access to programmes like Netflix and Youtube are available. The K3300UW even comes with ample connecting ports to hitch up your gaming devices. Only drawbacks? The TV’s processor is on the slow side, and may take longer than usual to load videos.

What We Love:

  • It’s ultra budget friendly price tag
  • Decent quality video and sound
  • Easy to set up

What We Didn’t:

  • May not be HDR compatible
  • Slow processing speed

Video: 4/5 | Sound: 4/5 | Price: 4.5/5

Buy Now: 55" on Lazada

Best 4K TVs of 2017
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