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The Big Reveal: Inside This Couple’s $25K Home Renovation Giveaway

BRB: Living vicariously through their once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It’s the stuff of dreams for any homeowner. What would it be like if you could renovate your house… without feeling the pinch in your pocket?

Last year, in collaboration with Shopee Home and Lemonfridge Studio, we brought those dreams to reality with a $25,000 home renovation and furnishing giveaway! One winner would receive $20,000 worth of renovation works from Lemonfridge Studio and $5,000 worth of home furnishings from Shopee Home.

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Lucky winners (and first-time homeowners) Li Fei and Manfred had only begun envisioning the look for their BTO flat when they first heard the news. Weeks later and with renovations wrapped up, how has their ideal home shaped up to be? Here, they take us around their warm, cosy and practical space and share the details of their exciting journey.

About themselves and winning the giveaway

Li Fei (LF): Hi, my name is Li Fei and I work in the finance industry. My husband Manfred is a sales manager at Vision Air. This 5-room BTO flat in Tampines is our first home together!

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Li Fei (left) and Manfred (right)

We had signed up for the giveaway without many expectations, so when we were told that we had won, it felt surreal! [laughs] At that point, we hadn’t really started planning our home’s design yet, so we were on Qanvast browsing for interior design ideas a lot. However, the giveaway had definitely helped to offset many big-ticket items in the renovation, such as doing the flooring and tiling for the kitchen, bathrooms and balcony.

About designing their home

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Feature wall comes equipped with shelving units and cabinets to display knick-knacks and store items.

LF: For our home’s aesthetic, we were inspired by the modern Scandinavian look. We wanted something that was classic, cosy, and more importantly, functional. As such, creating built-ins with ample storage space was a priority for us.

We enjoy hosting friends and family around for food and drinks in our free time. We really wanted our home to be a place that was welcoming and comfortable to be in. This was why we gravitated towards more neutral colours such as greys and browns when choosing the colours of our laminates and tiles – to bring a touch of warmth to the space. Manfred also enjoys caring for plants, and we made sure to incorporate some greenery to make the space feel more relaxing.

About their cosy living room

LF: The living room is where we like to relax. We got this Genuine Leather 3-Seater Sofa (New Antique Master) from Loft Home ($2,483) to match our home’s overall look and for practicality as leather sofas are a lot easier to maintain and wipe down than fabric ones.

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Styling tip: Add cushions and a throw in a similar colour palette as your sofa for a cosy touch.

To complete the look, we also got a matching leather VENUS Sofa Chair from Loft Home ($971) which is my favourite piece from Shopee Home! It’s really comfy to sink into the padded chair after a long day at work and pairs really well with the rest of our living room’s design.

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About their open dining area

LF: Instead of the typical arrangement where the dining area is situated right outside the kitchen, we really wanted to make use of the natural light coming in from our balcony. We decided to shift our dining area to the space behind our living room so that it’s a little brighter, and it creates a seamless, open-concept space great for entertaining guests.

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For the furniture, we opted for a mixture of dining chairs in Gainboro ($96) and Sienna, and a 3-seater dining bench ($269) from Loft Home to accommodate more people. To tie in with the home’s overall aesthetic and functional design, we also got them in neutral hues and a sintered stone dining table ($366), that’s easier to maintain compared to quartz or marble. The dining area is actually my favourite space in the entire house, as I can sit by the chairs overlooking the balcony and just enjoy the view as I have my meal or coffee!

On their kitchen’s clean, simple look

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LF: For the kitchen, we wanted to keep things simple and practical, but still adhere to the warm, neutral tones in the rest of our home. Manfred and I chose a classic white and grey colour palette for the cabinets, paired with the marbled backsplash tiles for a clean look.

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Tip: To keep your kitchen from looking too one-note, try incorporating visual texture, such as these marble-look hexagonal tiles for the backsplash.

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Galley-style layout to maximise walking space in the slim, vertical kitchen.

One feature of the kitchen that we liked was the foldable glass doors. When closed, they keep the fumes and grease contained when we’re cooking, while still allowing us to see what’s going on in the living room easily. We can also open them up to create an open bar counter of sorts to entertain guests!

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Right outside the kitchen, we picked out a display shelf ($810) from Shopee Home to showcase some sentimental decorative items from our vacations to remind us of the good times we shared together, and to display some of our wine collection. It also works as a good talking point/bar area when loved ones come around!

About the bathrooms

LF: To enhance their original look, we decided to utilise part of our renovation giveaway package on overlaying the tiles for both the common bathroom and master ensuite. Similar to the kitchen, we had chosen a mix of hexagonal and marbled tiles in neutral tones for a consistent look.

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Common bathroom (left) and shower area in the master ensuite (right)

To sum up

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LF: It has been an exciting journey renovating our home for the first time, and winning the giveaway was the cherry on top of an already huge achievement! However, nothing beats the sense of accomplishment when we see our home coming together after each stage of renovation. From an initial idea we had in our minds to the actual space we are living in now, it has been a dream come true for both of us.

WATCH: Abigail from Shopee Home, and homeowners Li Fei and Manfred take us through this $25,000 home renovation giveaway

Do note that prices listed are accurate as of 24 May 2022.

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