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The Case for Black Countertop Surfaces (Not Just for Looks)

How to achieve a bolder appearance for your bathroom/kitchen without sacrificing practicality for aesthetics.

Be it for bathrooms or kitchens, black typically isn’t a go-to colour for countertop surfaces – especially when its polar opposite (white) is a mainstay of in-vogue design styles, like Minimalist and Scandinavian. That said, you’ll want to make an exception for the deep, dark, and oh-so intensely bold quartz surfaces that comprise Caesarstone’s latest Dark Collection. Here’s why:

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1. The Dark Collection offers the same reliable performance as every Caesarstone surfaces

Scratch resistance? Check. Cost effectiveness? Check. Low maintenance? Check again. Not unlike previous ranges of quartz surfaces before it, the Dark Collection offers the very same reliability that’s synonymous with all Caesarstone products.

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Black Tempal (pictured above) is part of the Bold Collection, and it possesses soft mineral deposits that give rise to a delicate veil of warm whites on a sturdy black charcoal base.

Not only is engineered quartz a more durable option than most stone surfaces (e.g. marble and granite) and it’s also capable of standing up to both heat, stains and scratches.

Furthermore, in the case of Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces, no sealing, treating, polishing or any form of maintenance is required to keep them in good shape – except maybe for a simple wipe down after an intense cooking session.

2. There’s more flexibility in surface finishes with the Dark Collection

Sure, sleek, smooth-to-the-touch surfaces are satisfying to have in a kitchen/bathroom – just imagine the pleasure of running your fingers across them while going about your daily activities – but how about natural textures that’ll lend a more rustic look and feel to your countertops and interiors?

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Empira Black featuring a polished base that emulates the gloss of real marble (left) and Oxidian with a natural russet finish (right).

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While Oxidian features a metallic effect that’s similar to real rust, Piatto Black’s (above) take on the natural finish evokes stone-like warmth with its satin sheen and slight grain.

In contrast to the high gloss of polished finishes (only with Empira Black, which is also available in a natural finish), the raw textures of Piatto Black, Black Tempal and Oxidian possess a surface consistency that’s closer to that of real rock thus making them a good fit for industrial/ultra-contemporary interiors.

3. Black is fast becoming a trendy colour in today’s homes

Black, along with other popular dark shades like heavy blue and deep green, is often reserved for the bedroom due to the restful atmosphere it creates, but don’t sleep on the fact that it’s making an appearance outside of boudoirs.

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Capable of endowing any space with the sophistication of real marble, Empira Black has all the mystery of any dark stone with its dark base accented by fine white natural veins.

Black taps, sinks, sanitary fittings, and even lighting fixtures are fast-becoming mainstays in bathrooms as well as kitchens for the dramatic contrast that they bring to these spaces. But more crucially, it’s this shift in design direction that inspired the Dark Collection in the first place, so why not embrace this trend for your countertops/vanities as well?

This article was brought to you by Caesarstone, a leading pioneer of quartz surfaces.

Request for your quartz samples online at www.caesarstone.sg or visit the Caesarstone Experience Centre (3 Temasek Boulevard #03-357, Suntec City Mall Tower 3) to view larger displays.

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