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The Dummy Guide to Buying the Best WiFi Router for Your Home

We’re talking blazing internet speeds with approved security ratings.

We live in a hyper-connected digital age thanks to the proliferation of smart devices and, not to mention, how the pandemic has since glued us to said devices!

To support entertainment streaming, work, play and other lifestyle needs (think smart homes) – reliable, high-speed internet connectivity is a must. But that’s not all. With the amount of data we store online, cybersecurity has never been more important to guard against hackers and the like.

With these considerations in mind, here’s how to choose the right WiFi router that promises both speed and safety.

1. Choose the right broadband (speed) based on your needs

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The average household sees 50 connected devices to WiFi: desktops, notebooks, phones, tablets, smart locks, TV, media streaming boxes, smart home sensors, webcams and more. The high number of devices means a congested network, resulting in poor internet speeds.

But choosing the fastest broadband speed isn’t enough. The router you choose should be compatible with your internet plan, and you’ll need a new one if your old router can’t support the high speed. This brings us to our next point.

2. Look for WiFi 6 routers

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Much like how 5G networks are the fastest for mobile, WiFi 6 routers are the fastest in Singapore’s market and the next big thing in the tech world. Why? Because WiFi 6 routers allow more devices to operate simultaneously on the same WiFi channel, improving your wireless network’s data throughput. Which means speedier, more reliable internet. If you have multiple devices in your home jostling for WiFi – you’ll know how important this is.

Lucky for us, the ASUS ZenWiFi Mesh Routers series supports WiFi 6, and have been consistently awarded the best router or WiFi Mesh System by top media sites such as HardwareZone, CNET and SmallNetBuilder.

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3. Pick a system that gives you wider coverage

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Forget the single router. Considering how many devices are connected across the house, having a central router placed in the living room may lead to spotty WiFi due to thick walls and other interference. A mesh system is the modern solution for solid WiFi coverage.

But what exactly is a WiFi mesh system? Think of it like how we often need extension cords for power to be supplied to appliances far away from the wall socket. So on top of having a central router or hub (akin to a wall socket) that distributes WiFi, you get to place individual nodes around your house (akin to extension cords) that receive and distribute WiFi evenly. This eventually creates a mesh (hence the name!) that blankets your entire house, so every corner gets fast and reliable WiFi.

Suppose you’ve got a large or multi-storey home. In that case, the ASUS ZenWiFi is the perfect WiFi solution that covers up to 6,000 sqft (approx. 557 sqm) with internet speeds of up to 11,000Mbps.

4. Don’t forget about cybersecurity and safety

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A finding by CISCO has shown that cyber security threats are on the rise, particularly since the pandemic started. The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore has been looking at ways to improve cybersecurity, of which the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme is one. Similar to energy efficiency labels you see on appliances like fridges, this scheme provides ratings for devices to help consumers assess the level of security each would provide.

While it’s tempting to think that these hackers only go after big corporations, the truth is that threats to cybersecurity can affect just about anyone (think credit card details and personal data being stolen). ASUS Routers are the first in the industry to be awarded a Level 4 rating (which is the highest!) from the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, so it’s easy to surf the net without worrying about digital baddies.

A WiFi router system for any home

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No matter your household size or needs, it’s never been simpler to get seamless internet with ASUS. Find out more about ASUS ZenWiFi Mesh Routers here, and enjoy exclusive Qanvast deals of up to 10% off today.

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