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The Essential Buyer’s Guide to Ceiling Fans

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A ceiling fan is an essential must-have in every home, as it cools the house and saves us from melting in the heat without being too taxing on the wallet. Here are some key factors to take into consideration when purchasing a ceiling fan for your home, to make the entire process a breeze.

Design of Fan

Ceiling fans comes in a variety of designs and sizes. To determine the right ceiling fan for your space, you should always consider the design on how to blend or stand out from your décor. You can go for silent operation ceiling fans for bedrooms, or larger fans to cool off that afternoon heat in the living room.

Size of Fan

Space also affects the size of the fan that you should get. When purchasing your ceiling fan, take note of the amount of space you have. In order to find the right fan size that will fit nicely into a room, measure the cubic space (length, width and height) so that the fan will be a perfect fit.

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A general guide to choosing the right size of ceiling fan for your space by Air Wings Industries

Bring your floor plan with you when you shop for ceiling fan shopping, so that the sales staff can better advise you on the ideal blade length for your home. As a general rule of thumb, larger rooms would require larger fans with wider blade spans to spread wind evenly across a room.

Energy-efficiency and performance

Living in a hot and humid climate most likely means that the ceiling fan will be turned on and running most of the time. However, fret not for your bills as fans are a more cost-efficient alternative to air-conditioners. We love the added benefit of saving 60 to 70% more with energy-saving DC motors found in some fans, which is awesome in lightening the load on our wallets.

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Energy-saving fans like the Aerahaus Aeratron AE3 consumes energy equivalent to an energy-saving bulb!


There is nothing more distracting than a loud, creaky ceiling fan that whirs noisily above your head. However, that only happens in extreme cases as most ceiling fans make an acceptable amount of wind noise due to air turbulence. If you are a true stickler for silence, you’ll find joy in the Aeratron AE3 ceiling fan, the world’s top in silent efficiency as acclaimed by Aerahaus Fans Singapore.


Adding lights to any ceiling fan would make it more costly, although it saves space. If you need a ceiling fan with lights, go for one that comes with energy-saving LED and your wallet will thank you in the long run.

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The Amasco Elite Mini comes in a variety of sizes, fitted with energy-saving LEDs.

What makes a fan good quality?

Avoid replicas!

It’s all talk unless there are certifications to back up the quality of the fan. High quality products aren’t afraid to show what they are made of. If the product boasts energy-saving properties, look out for the Energy Star label that comes with it.

Beware of imitations as well. Just like designer bags, designs of ceiling fans are copied, mass produced, and sold to the undiscerning consumer. Externally they may look like the real deal, but the inner components may not be identical, or even of a lower quality, leading to inferior performance and maintenance issues in the long run.

Where to buy the right fan?

It is not recommended to purchase your ceiling fans from an overseas merchant as the voltage requirements could be different, the lack of support if you run into problems with your fans, and all electrical products will need to be checked for safety measures to ensure its operational reliability by local authorities. Always ensure that the product bears the SAFETY Mark label, as it is a requirement for everyday electrical appliances to be registered and checked by SPRING for safe use in Singapore.

Article is brought to you by Air Wings Industries

About Air Wings Industries

Since 1989, Air Wings Industries serves as pioneers in providing technical support and expertise in the maintenance and installation of ceiling fans within Singapore. Our partners include world-wide renowned ceiling fan organisations such as Amasco Industries Singapore, Vento Luxury Fans Taiwan, and Aeratron Australia, keeping to the promise of fulfilling warranty programmes for your ceiling fans.

We aim to deliver hassle-free ceiling fan packages with proper installation, planning, maintenance, practices of quality ceiling fans from commercial to residential developments towards the end consumer in mind.

Our business partners entrust us in delivering reliable and efficient warranty service and installation support for ceiling fans and we believe you should too. Claim your warranty support and coverage and assure yourself with high quality ceiling fans from us today!


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