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The Smart(er) and Light(er) Way to a Future-Proof Home

This lighting system isn’t just smart and affordable, but also requires almost zero effort to install.

It can be a hassle to replace lighting fixtures, which one has to commit to at the point of installation. However, as you age and your family grows, it might not fit your lifestyle requirements anymore.

How can you make your home’s lighting solution relevant aside from a whole remodel then? The answer’s simple: Get an adjustable lighting system. Here’s how to pick the right one to future-proof your home.

Get smart lights that adapt to your family’s lifestyle needs

VIO smart lighting subscription
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Warm vs. cool lighting | Source: VIO

Getting the right colour temperature is pretty crucial in perfecting your home’s ambience. It’s why there are always arguments for and against cool/warm lighting. Because lighting is difficult to replace, rather than committing to white lights to visually brighten up a space or dimmer alternatives for a restful ambience, what you should truly look out for is one that adapts with you over time.

And VIO comes with a whole array of functions to help with that – whether you’re working late into the night or putting on a movie to entertain the kids, you’ll be able to dim or tune accordingly!

Get smart lights that improve your quality of life

VIO smart lighting subscription
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Source: VIO

What’s more, the abovementioned dimming and tuning can be done on the app or voice command via your Google Home/Amazon Home Assistant! In fact, you can even turn them off, if you’ve forgotten to do so, on the go.

Convenience aside, it’s also designed with your well-being in mind. As you age, your eye health may see some impact too. VIO’s anti-flicker lighting system comes with a low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) score, which means less strain and discomfort on your eyes!

VIO lighting solutions are also designed for different spaces – from sleek cove lights to a feature highlight, you can expect the right amount of illumination for the right home experience.

Save on expensive setup and maintenance

VIO smart lighting subscription
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Source: VIO

Most importantly, installation is easy. Where affixing traditional lights would normally require a hacked wall or two, VIO does away with the hassle because it’s all integrated wirelessly – no mess, painless, and simple with all-round smart functions, a much smarter way to upgrade your home!

VIO smart lighting subscription
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Image source: ROOOT Studio

In short:

Without VIOWith VIO
  • Buy smart lights, integrater / adapter
  • Liaise with professionals on hacking and installation
Go through VIO to instantly settle your installation needs
VarietyLimited to bulbs, downlights and light stripsWide range of lighting solutions - ranging from downlights to adjustable spotlights and track lights
After-sales supportLimited warranty; troublesome to approach individual sellers to fix problemsProducts come with 3 years on-site warranty

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