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These 15 Home Ideas Are Most-liked on Our Instagram in 2019

October 22, 2019

A revamp for the gram.

Instagram is probably the holy grail for all things design-related. In fact, its armada of inspo hashtags and the handy bookmark feature makes it even more easy to build a mood board for your own renovation projects.

Hold up, before you start scrolling through your feed, get started with these standout (and most liked) projects ⁠on our Instagram!

1. The everlasting monochrome appeal

Tampines Central 8 by Rockin Spaces

Interior Firm: Rockin Spaces

While monochrome is all the rage, this stunning home makes it look so effortless and chic. Just pick all the right elements (marble tiles, black hardware for an additional pop) and you have a home that speaks volume when it comes to style and substance.

Anchorvale Road by The Roomakers

Interior Firm: The Roomakers

Not only does it provide additional storage space, it can even give your home a zen appeal. Just check this home out! With its tatami mats and raised platform, you can’t help but feel as if you’ve walked into a tiny Japanese home. The open-concept look makes it appear more spacious and comfortable as well.

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3. How about a pop of colour?

Eunos Crescent by Fuse Concept

Interior Firm: Fuse Concept

The easiest way to add a retro-ish vibe to your home? Pair vibrant colours with vintage-y tiles. This Instagram-popular home gets it all right with the retro tangerine Smeg fridge with classic black-and-white tiles.

4. Coastal vibes for your kitchen

Punggol Bayview by Couple Abode

Interior Firm: Couple Abode

Teal for the kitchen? We say why not! This Punggol home complements the eye-catching teal kitchen cabinet with dashes of white for a coastal look. A little out-of-the-box but still absolutely chic, what’s not to love?

5. Yes, your service yard can be beautified too!

St. George's Lane by Project Guru

Interior Firm: Project Guru

Here’s the key to create a stylish home: Texture and pattern mixing. But make sure you pick the complementary elements. One to try? Graphic tiles against wood and white. This abode takes it one step further as they extend the flooring to the service yard, creating a seamless look.

6. The magic of marble lookalikes

Chancery Lane by Icon Interior Design

Interior Firm: Icon Interior Design

This home is proof that you don’t need to deck out a room to achieve that luxe look at home. Just pair with all the right fittings – think sleek, slim fittings in monochrome set against marble-like textures.

7. Pare down your bedroom for a laid-back air

Pasir Ris by Liid Studio

Interior Firm: Liid Studio

Don’t forget that your home – especially your bedroom – should be inviting too! Make it a space you’d want to retreat to after long hours of working by taking cues from this beautiful bedroom. There’s not much done to the space – the simple design makes it look and feel cosy. The only accents are its wooden ceiling, a plain grey accent wall and cove lights that add to the restful vibes.

8. A see-through walk-in wardrobe

Sumang Lane by Adroit ID

Interior Firm: Adroit ID

Walk-in wardrobes don’t have to be concealed and/or stuffy-looking. Try using glass all around to create a sleek and expansive look. Use the classic black-and-white palette to give it a timeless air!

9. A feature wall but with all the good stuff

Serangoon North Avenue 1 by Escapade Studios

Interior Firm: Escapade Studios

It's no wonder that over 2,700 followers liked this post! Sleek rose gold accents make for an aura of sophistication while organic materials like wood add warmth to the entire home.

10. #TBT White subway tiles (and black grouting)

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 by Lemonfridge Studio

Interior Firm: Lemonfridge Studio

Not sure of what tiles to choose for your bathroom? When all else fails, there are always the trusty subway tiles to fall back on! Not only do they add a charming vintage vibe, you can use black grouting around the tile to make the space stand out even more. Then, reintroduce warmth by completing the space with wood.

11. A nifty platform bed with storage compartments

Mergui Road by Posh Home

Interior Firm: Posh Home

You don’t have to compromise on the home you’ve always wanted if your home is small. All it takes is some creativity to work around the constraints! Try this: Go for a bed that sits on top of a platform that doubles as storage space – this way, you can use it to store things that you don’t use very often (like winter clothing) in!

12. Old meets new world charm

Aquarius by the Park by Third Avenue Studio

Interior Firm: Third Avenue Studio

This home is popular for its colonial vibe with all-white walls paired with wooden flooring and classic finishings. Add modern touches like dark mahogany wood and contrasting textures to stop it from looking too dated.

13. Dark and handsome always wins

Clementi by Mr Shopper Studio

Interior Firm: Mr Shopper Studio

Though this bathroom veers away from the typical luxe look (marble and gold accents), it still comes off as opulent thanks to the darker palette. The rougher textures combined with the black hardware gives it a very masculine and handsome appeal.

14. Functional with that Scandinavian aesthetic

Tivela by Stylemyspace

Interior Firm: Stylemyspace

Take your built-ins to a whole new level by making them even more functional. Try this idea – a shelving system that extends into a bench! This way you can seat more people during parties! You can even break up the monotonous wood and white by incorporating some colour, like yellow and pink.

15. Stand out with black

Haig Eleven by Bowerman

Interior Firm: Bowerman

Want your kitchen to stand out even more? Try using black in your built-ins then pair it with golden handles for added contrast. Finish off the space with wood-like backsplash and countertop for a more organic touch.

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