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These Clever Renovation Strategies Will Save You Money

We all know how hard renovating a home is. There’s meetings, tight timelines, and most importantly, the budget that you’ll have to worry about. That said, saving money on a renovation can be surprisingly easy – all you have to do is keep calm and follow these tried-and-tested strategies.

Below, our top five simplest ways to shave renovation costs without sacrificing your needs and wants:

1. Get ready-to-install carpentry

how to save on renovation
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Interior firm: Openhaus Interior Design

Depending on its purpose, a piece of carpentry can cost anywhere between $100 - $250 per foot run (for kitchen cabinets) or $200 - $350 per foot run (for bedroom wardrobes). And what that means is costs can pile up quickly if you aren’t careful: Outfitting a 4-room HDB apartment’s kitchen with custom carpentry alone will set you back at least $10,000.

Aside from keeping a tab on the amount of custom carpentry in your renovation plans, you can also opt for ready-to-install carpentry as a cost-cutting measure. These systems are customisable (albeit to a limited extent) and are available in a variety of finishes for different décor styles, from rustic to contemporary.

2. Resurface, don’t replace

how to save on renovation
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Interior firm: Neu Konceptz

Do the existing cabinets in your home look worn out, or are you just bored of them? In any case, if you feel that it’s time for a change, consider getting a carpenter to give them a new lease of life with fresh laminates or a coat of paint!

Doing so will save you the cost and trouble of installing new storage units, on top of netting you a kitchen/bedroom/bathroom that looks as good as new.

3. Consider your sockets, carefully

how to save on renovation
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Interior firm: Anhans Interior Design

Having multiple power points throughout your home may seem like the ultimate convenience. But the truth is, too much of a good thing can be bad for you (and your wallet).

Electricians in Singapore generally charge somewhere between $60 to $120 for installing a single three-pin power socket. And while the out-of-pocket cost doesn’t seem like much, it can quickly add up if you get too trigger-happy with the renovation budget.

Instead, prioritise installing sockets in key areas, such as the study and kitchen, or any area/room where you know they’ll be indispensable.

4. Get upcycled furniture

how to save on renovation
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Interior firm: Urban Habitat Design

Renovating a home is rarely only about giving the insides a makeover, you’ll also need the right furniture to complete the look. And while that usually means a making a trip down to your local IKEA, try taking a look online for upcycled pieces first.

Because they are made from recycled materials like discarded wood or excess textiles, upcycled furniture usually command a lower price compared to their store-bought equivalents, making them not just affordable, but also eco-friendly.

5. Avoid major works (if you can help it)

how to save on renovation
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Interior firm: Azcendant

The idea of re-shaping everything indoors to bring your vision of a dream home to life is an undeniably tempting one, but you may want to think twice if it involves extensive (but unnecessary) changes, such as swapping out existing flooring that's still in good condition or moving the pipework simply because "it looks ugly".

Monetary cost aside, it’s also worth noting that such works often result in longer renovations, which may be an issue if you’re working on a tight timeline or wish to move in ASAP.

So, the next time you’re tempted to go overboard, just remember: Your home can be imperfectly perfect – and that’s fine.

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