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These Coloured Bathroom Fittings are Anything But Boring

June 3, 2022 · Paid Partnership with GROHE

Coming in shades like rose gold and dark grey, say bye-bye to basic-looking bathrooms.

Designing a functional yet visually-appealing space can be tougher than it looks, especially when it comes to utilitarian zones like the bathroom. And even more so when the design options and colour choices for fittings are limited. Well, not with the GROHE SPA Colours Collection. Unlike the typical chrome finishes, this new sanitaryware range comes in an array of gorgeous colours to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

GROHE bathroom fittings

Don’t take our word for it just yet. Keep scrolling down to see how they complement different looks!

1. For the classic luxury look, choose polished gold fittings

GROHE bathroom fittings

Old is gold – and in this case, quite literally as the classic metallic shade will never go out of style. A universal scheme that will work in your home all year round, GROHE’s new series of gold-coloured fittings (aptly dubbed Cool Sunrise) serves as a gleaming point of contrast against all-dark interiors. It comes in a glossy, highly polished finish that adds just the right amount of luxury without being too over the top, making your bathroom instantly feel more opulent.

GROHE bathroom fittings

Not a fan of dark interiors? This classy colour is also an ideal choice to be used alongside lighter-toned organic materials like stone, concrete and wood – especially for those aiming for a boutique hotel-like feel. Totally five-star worthy, if you ask us.

2. For that extra glamour, use rose gold

GROHE bathroom fittings

For something a little bit more unique, why not hop onto the rose gold trend? A chic alternative to traditional gold and silver, GROHE’s Warm Sunset fittings create an air of elegance that stands out against neutral-coloured backdrops.

GROHE bathroom fittings

Coming in a warm orange hue that’s reminiscent of terracotta and bronze, they look extra glamourous when paired with marble; warm and inviting when paired with stone, concrete or oak.

GROHE bathroom fittings

Details: warm sunset in brushed/matte (left) and polished/glossy (right) finishes

What’s more, you get to choose between two exquisite finishes: matte for a modern, sophisticated look, or a glossy finish for an elegant charm. The result either way? A bathroom that stands out from the rest!

3. For a neutral shade, go with dark grey

GROHE bathroom fittings

If you’re a fan of the industrial or monochrome aesthetic, GROHE's Hard Graphite range is hard to go wrong with. This neutral, dark grey shade comes in a distinctive matte finish that can either be incorporated into a lighter theme as a statement feature, or blend it into a darker palette for a seamless look.

GROHE bathroom fittings

You can also play around with varying shades of monochromatic accessories and furnishings – think sleek black trays, smooth pearly white countertop surfaces, and even textured/cement screed walls – to bring an element of interest into the room.

4. For a modern twist, pick semi-matte chrome fittings

GROHE bathroom fittings

If you’re looking to inject some modernity into your home, one simple way is to weave in several metallic accents to accentuate the look. Usually, these metallic accents come in the form of chrome fittings – but instead of going for the usual glossy suspects, why not switch things up?

A new-fashioned take on the timeless chrome colour, GROHE's Supersteel fittings feature an understated design with an elegantly brushed finish to give you a decidedly modern, cosmopolitan vibe.

The GROHE SPA Colours Collection: function with an uncompromising aesthetic

Offering a complete range of bathroom fittings in a uniformed colour scheme across every element, from faucets to showers and accessories, create a perfectly cohesive look for your home with the GROHE SPA Colours Collection

GROHE bathroom fittings

Plus, all fittings in the collection are made with a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating that’s used in automotive, defense and medical industries where strength and durability are key. When it comes to application in your bathroom, this means that they are 10x more resistance against scratches and 3x harder than regular chrome fittings, so you can be sure that they’re designed to last for a lifetime.

GROHE bathroom fittings

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If you’re interested to check out these fittings in the flesh, here’s a piece of good news. Simply book your visit to GROHE’s showroom at Mohamed Sultan here and you’ll receive a $50 voucher that you can apply to your purchase immediately! But hurry, the offer ends on 31 October 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

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