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This All-in-One Multicooker Makes Cooking Complex Dishes Easy

June 26, 2020 · Paid Partnership with Tefal Singapore

Braise, slow cook, sous vide and more pre-programmed methods to inspire your next culinary creation at the click of a button!

Tefal’s CY638 Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker can cook rice, slow-cook, pressure-cook and more – it’s an incredibly efficient kitchen companion, and, truthfully, the only appliance that you’ll actually need.

This wonder of a multicooker not only boasts an efficient cooking time thanks to its Fast Cooking Technology, it can do basically anything from stewing to braising meats as well, with minimal supervision on your part. More about this game-changing, all-in-one appliance below!

Tefal multicooker CY638 Qanvast
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Source: Tefal

1. Cook even better dishes with the help of its 19 pre-set programmes

From hearty soups to delicate desserts, the possibilities are endless with Tefal’s CY638 Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker. Braise, stew, slow cook, sauté, sear, bake, sous vide and more – the cooker comes with various cooking methods, all pre-programmed, to inspire your next culinary creation.

The one-button cooking is especially useful when you have to cook for a big household, without the need to juggle between the stove, oven and various pots and pans. Plus, the appliance also lets you save three of your favourite, or maybe even signature, recipes for quicker access!

Tefal multicooker CY638 Qanvast
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If you’re looking to expand your culinary repertoire (or get the most out of your purchase), we recommend joining their Facebook group for additional cooking/recipe inspo!

2. More control on pressure, temperature and cooking time for specialty cooking

While you might argue that there are “other multicookers that can accomplish the same thing”, we love this one in particular because it unlocks more possibilities, including dishes that are often deemed professional-level, like sous vide cooking (i.e. cooking food in a vacuum-sealed bag in temperature-controlled water).

Tefal multicooker CY638 Qanvast
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Tefal’s CY638 Multicooker comes with three buttons that lets you power up or down the temperature or pressure accordingly, making it easier for you to get restaurant-quality results.

Tefal multicooker CY638 Qanvast
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3. Get perfect flavours every time with Opti-Taste Technology

Can you really get tasty results every single time you cook without spending hours on end in the kitchen? While it might seem far-fetched to you, Tefal’s CY638 Multicooker is designed to help you bring out the best in your dishes. Tricked out with Opti-Taste Technology, the dual control temperature system manages the temperature and releases pressure in intervals that ‘massages’, enhancing the natural flavours of your ingredients.

Tefal multicooker CY638 Qanvast
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Most importantly, the multicooker has a spherical induction pot to ensure that heat gets evenly circulated throughout as your food cooks!

4. Enjoy a safe cooking experience with its 18 safety features

Because pressurised steam isn’t something to laugh at, Tefal’s CY638 Multicooker comes with a wide range of safety mechanisms – eighteen to be exact.

Tefal multicooker CY638 Qanvast
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There’s an auto pressure release function that activates when it detects abnormally high pressure, as well as a kid-friendly slow opening lid, and an automatic reheat function to keep food warm for a longer time in case meal times are staggered, just to name a few. Talk about incredible security in such a functional yet compact machine!

Cooking for the family, made efficient

It’s safe to say that the list of things the Tefal CY638 Home Chef Smart Pro IH Multicooker can’t do is pretty small. You can even use it to prepare all three meals with the multicooker – think quick breakfasts of steel cut oats, hearty beef stews for lunch and filling sous vide pesto salmon with pasta for dinner.

As a matter of fact, all these recipes, alongside 32 others, can be found in their recipe book, which you can get, free of charge, with every purchase of the multicooker. Available online at all major retailers for $399 (Usual Price: $469), while stocks last!

Visit www.tefal.com.sg to view their full catalogue of innovative household products.

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